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  1. Kaiser

    I don't understand the traveler design - please 'splain it to me

    So I was sailing around the other weekend and got to staring at the traveler - and it seems fundamentally broken to me. The point of a traveler, as I understand it, is to fix where the boom sits relative to the centerline of the boat when it's block-to-block. That is, I believe when the...
  2. Kaiser

    '65 Lightning restore thread

    I haven't been posting up about the restore I've been doing on my Lightning - wasn't sure if anyone would be interested - but HERE is a link to my thread about it (which is itself a copy of the real thread on the offroad truck board where a lot of my friends hang out... I'm...
  3. Kaiser

    What is similar to a Thistle - but easier to come by?

    I hate to admit that I let my C-15 go to pieces... it's just been sitting in the sun too long to be salvageable. I think i'd like something like a Thistle - nice and open - able to fit several people - and easy to repair if it gets damaged - because there is so much easy access from the inside...
  4. Kaiser

    Lake Travis sailing (warning: many many embedded pics)

    I risked my small camera to get some shots out on the lake today... nothing big - just fooling around... plus it's really hard to sail a Laser with a camera in one hand! Check out the movies: MOVIE 1 MOVIE 2 MOVIE 3 MOVIE 4 MOVIE 5 pics:
  5. Kaiser

    Let's hope those trailer tires are rated for high speed!

    My normal tow vehicle is going to be in the shop for the next month getting hail damage repaired, so I had to improvise: BTW - just kidding about the high speed thing.... this vehicle isn't rated to tow at all - so I plan to be very careful with it. The hitch is really cool, though - it's a...
  6. Kaiser

    Centerboard stop question

    I'm taking the hardware off my centerboard and rudder for some badly needed painting and I can't figure out how to take the centerboard stop apart. The drawing on the APS site makes it look like the two ends just screw onto a center stud - but I'm afraid to twist too hard and break the ends...
  7. Kaiser

    My Laser Mistake (and a specific mast step repair Q)

    Soooo.... I made a mistake. Someone on here was (is) selling an awesome nearly new Laser in my area at a good price - but I decided to be cheap and get an older one. I thought it looked decent when I went to look at it - but now I realize it's kind of a POS... that I paid way too much for...
  8. Kaiser

    n00b - thinking of buying

    Hi all! It struck me a few days ago that I haven't been sailing in nearly two years (since I moved to Austin) :eek: - and that my poor little C-15 hasn't been on the water in about 4 :( I think the main reason for that is because the C-15 pretty much requires two people - which puts it over a...