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    Gin Pole for Mast Stepping? Anyone have instructions / images to share?

    I think your 15 inch :-)... I suppose you mean foot... mast will be too short. And I'm not surprised that James says the JY mast bowed a lot. For purposes of lifting your mast upright when raising, you want to lift from a point near the spreaders. That's ~17-1/2 feet from the butt of the...
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    Gin Pole for Mast Stepping? Anyone have instructions / images to share?

    I put a loop around the mast under the lower shrouds, then tie the tail end to one of the spinnaker pole rings. That way you can avoid getting the thing jammed up there with no way to retrieve it. You want the effective lifting point to be as high as possible.
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    Gin Pole for Mast Stepping? Anyone have instructions / images to share?

    The winch isn't needed. Once you're all ready to go, it takes a minute or less to raise the mast. Another couple of minutes to drop it in and put the pins in the lower shrouds and you're done with the gin pole. The two blocks permitting you to use both arms to raise the mast makes a winch...
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    Gin Pole for Mast Stepping? Anyone have instructions / images to share?

    Mine is 19 feet of the top of a J/24 mast. Shrouds are attached at a point 4-1/2 feet from the top. It’s somewhat heavy, but it’s no problem since mast stepping is a two-person job anyway, and it works great. It gets stepped over top of the stand-up block for the foreguy to port of the mast...
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    Companionway questions

    By now you realize that you're just missing the aft section of the original sliding hatch. See the photo attached. It's possible to convert to the newer style, called a 'sea hood', but I personally don't think it's worth the trouble. You can do a few things to improve the operation and...
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    Tutto è possibile, ma non so nessuno che lo faccia. Se si hanno abilità nella costruzione di barche e si esaminano le barche con bompresso, potrebbero farlo.
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    Sink Plumbing

    About the bilge pump.... my boat, quite early (465) had a bilge pump installed when it was new. I think that was eliminated as standard early on production. A bucket, manual pump, and/or sponge work fine. My boat used to take on many gallons of water until I separated the hull/deck joint...
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    Sink Plumbing

    The faucet and water tank are no longer required equipment according to class rules for racing. Many boats have eliminated the drain from the sink to the through-hull drain (also eliminated). I eliminated my through-hull drain a dozen or so years ago. For a time, it was required to have a...
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    Wanted: Boom vang strap

    No, I'm afraid not.
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    Wanted: Boom vang strap

    Doug... FWIW, The photo I posted shows the mast fitting on the left, next to a boom fitting installed on a boom. The difference is that the boom fitting is curved to match the curve of the bottom of the boom. The mast fitting is no bigger, but has straight sides, rather than curved. -V
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    Bulkhead issue, repair or replace?

    Surprised to see that photo there! I think there's a lot of capability here, but tough to tell how it works. That's about to start cutting slots in the bulkhead to destroy it and enable its removal.
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    Bulkhead issue, repair or replace?

    A few things.... 1. I have done this twice on my boat. Even marine plywood will start to rot and delaminate if there is water in there for a month, or over the winter... MUST keep it dry! 2. I may have used marine plywood first time, but not the second. Maybe I shouldn't say this, but I...
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    Wanted: Boom vang strap

    Sorry .. I realize that that's the mast fitting. Might work ok, but it's not really the proper thing.
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    Wanted: Boom vang strap

    Here's one. $25, shipped. 215-801-2453 Vince Harris
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    J24 part out

    Sea-Dog : Quality Marine, Industrial and Rigging Hardware. Buy on Amazon or the like.
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    What size engine

    For future reference: I'd recommend 5 hp. A 5 hp. Mercury is about 20kg. At least one top guy suggested it to me. It may have been Terry Hutchinson, a really top sailor. You need 60kg. of additional stuff to put on your boat for racing, before sails, according to the rules. Some of it is...
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    Setting Rake on a J24

    How to measure?: I recall measuring distance from shroud to shroud at the spreaders. But the way to go is to Google "J/24 tuning guide" and you'll find about 5 or 6 of them from all the sailmakers. They are all similar in setup, and hopefully at least some will make it clear how to measure...
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    Loose foot mainsail?

    Sorry to see that you've been waiting for over a month for an answer. You probably made some decision and moved on. All sails made by the major sailmakers are to class specs for racing purposes and have bolt ropes in the foot and luff. Luffs don't use sail slides. Now, if you're buying from...
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    J/24 Keel repair - heavy delamination, repairable?

    I realize that by now this may be moot, but probably someone else might be glad to know in the future: There's not that much wrong with this keel. It can probably be fixed in ~10-20 hours by an amateur (ask me how I know!). It's quite a bit more if you feel the need to fair it to optimize it...