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  1. Alcort59224

    Replacing A Sail (several Questions)

    I am considering replacing the sail on my 84’ Sunfish and am looking for opinions. I sail recreationally and am not concerned with being “class legal”. That said I am not interested in spending $300+ for an official sail. I am considering Neil Pryde sails , FX sails, Kevane sails, APS...
  2. Alcort59224


    I'm looking for a small trailer for my sunfish. My only real requirement other than being suitable for a sunfish is that it has to be cheap. I'm a high school student and I really don't have much to spend at all. There's really no way I can afford a new trailer and I haven't found anything on...
  3. Alcort59224

    stained gelcoat

    Today i went to wax and wash the hull of my catalina 27 and found a bad stain on the bow i couldent remove. Long story short somehow the yard (who i paid to do the wok) didnt winterize the marine head properly and over the winter it overflowed out the vent into my anchor locker which drained...
  4. Alcort59224

    sailing again!!!

    I just got my two sunfish on the water for the first time this year. we were on burden lake N.Y. and the wind today was rediclous. the weather said winds at 25-30 mph with gusts to 40 mph. the sailing was insane. I really didnt want to get wet (luckley i didnt) because the ice on that lake just...
  5. Alcort59224

    sunfish project

    Last weekend i bought my second sunfish, the first one was a 69' in nice shape after last summer i wanted a second one so me and my brother/friends could race them (recreationally). I bought a 1984 AMF in rough shape and i'm going to fix it up and hopefully get it sailing by june. i origionally...
  6. Alcort59224

    hull weight question

    I have a 1969 sunfish that weighs 140 pounds which i thought was 10 pounds overweight but i found on the yahoo sunfish sailor site a 1966 brocure that rates a fiberglass fish at 139 pounds. My question is that this brocure says it should weigh 139, most people say they should weigh 130 and the...
  7. Alcort59224

    centerboard dolly

    I am thinking about building a centerboard dolly for my 69' sunfish but have a concern that it could cause dammage to the centerboard trunk causeing leaks. Is this a real problem with centerboard dollys? thanks, Eric