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    Bunch or Fold a new sail

    I just put the new sail on. It seems to be quite brittle and I don't know how to treat it. Do I dare tie it to the spars? Folded or bunched? After using my old patched rag, which handled easily, I find I am treating this new one a lot more like it might break if I fold it or bunch it. This is...
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    used sunfish

    I am going to be teaching several people how to sail and they will be joining our local club and possibly forming a sunfish fleet here in Maine. I have two old sunfish, but is there anyone out there willing to donate, sunfish to this cause. I would be willing to travel 175 miles from Fryeburg...
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    reading the wind

    I have been reading alot this winter about racing sail boats and getting around the course faster than the rest of the fleet!!! one of the ways to do this is being able to read the wind ahead of time. Doing your home work ahead of the race,and being able to forcast ahead of time where and when...
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    Kevane Sails

    I just visited this site on Kevane sails and there propoganda stated that there sails had no problem beating the factory sails!!! Do they mean North sails? Is this in fact true? Some one tell me,this is not true!!!!
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    I have seen two differrent types of travelers, one with a loop in the middle, the other just a straight jobby!! Is there any advantage one over the other? I am just curious!!! Is one race legal and the other not?
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    Jens rig/ outhaul/ cunningham

    I have never had to use a jens rig, but was wondering if one would use the outhaul or cunningham,like you would normally?
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    Race Sail Trim

    I am racing with a used race sail. I have participated in two tuesday night races and finished well back in the fleet!!! I used to place much higher, last year I finished second in my class !!! I used a recreational sail last year,an old rag of a sail!!! The race sail I have is a nicer looking...
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    weight ratio to gooseneck setting?

    I was just wondering if there is a chart some where that tells you how far ahead that you can put your gooseneck for different wind speed? Is there a weight index [for the skipper] One that shows the weight ratio to gooseneck setting? It would be nice knowing before hand, instead of trial and...
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    open slots to race at worlds?

    I just noticed that on the home page, Terry Beadle has said there were alot of open slots to race at the worlds. Is it to far to travel for most people? Whats the scoop?
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    sliding gooseneck

    I raced last sunday, I probably should not have!!! The previous Sunday, I had sailed the fastest race of my career, but this last sunday in less wind I had absolutly no control of the boat, I couldn't flaten the sail and I almost dumped twice!!! I couldn't figure out what was wrong!!! When I...
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    slippery gloves

    Gloves are needed in high winds, but finding the right kind is very difficult!!! Ones that are not slipperrrrry on the tiller when wet!!! One wants tiller control in high winds and a slippery gloves, dosn;t give a person a since of control!!! What kind of gloves are best for grip? What are you...
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    Goosneck Adjustment

    On the home page of this site under "tips and tricks" there is a section for tuning a fish. Under the section describing goosneck adjustment, there is a wind chart with corresponding goosneck adjustments. My question is: are these adjustments still accurate or are they obsolete!!? Do the new...
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    Blind inmy left eye

    Are there any sunfish sailors out there that are blind in one eye? I am nearly blind in my left eye now and the eye doc. says I need a cornea transplant!! My problem is being able to see the sail properly, what I mean is I can" t see if the sail is properly bellied out and where the center of...
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    putting in a thimble

    I have alot of lookers but no takers on my question about tying in a thimble!!While visiting the worlds last year I noticed a lot of people had them, I was given a package by John Fonseca and was showed how, but trying to tie them in this spring, I have found that I have forgotten!!! Will some...
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    Putting in a thimble

    I want to put in a thimble for my outhaul and cunningham for a smoother and over all better purchase, but am having trouble finding good instructions, how to tie them in!!! Some body help please!!!
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    I have been reading a book on sailing tactics. I am reading a section I don't undersand, in which he suggests always sail towards a header in shifty winds and other situations, is this so you can stay lifted towards the mark when you tack? Do winds have a timed pattern, so you can sail into...
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    . Do the sunglasses improve your ability to see the current and or the puffs. A friend of mine who is mostly a lake sailor, told me it was a lot harder to see the puffs on the ocean, but he never wore sunglasses. would sunglasses help? I have never sailed on the ocean and would like to know!!!!
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    In Irons

    would someone out there please explain to me the science of being"in irons". It seems a little strange to me that you can have a full sail and be sailing backwards!!!
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    Righting a dumped Sunfish

    I am 5 year race veteran, who still gets nervous, when the wind gets above 20 knots, fear of turteling downright scares me and effects race performance. I have dumped twice before, its no big deal, except I have great difficulty reaching the centerboard after a capcise. with short arms and...
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    sunday worship

    I am a preacher with a dilema, I love to sail , my friend Dave Thompson, said that I am now an advanced sailor, I would like to enter a regional race, but heres the catch, most races include a sunday. My Question is this are there any early morning chaple services just for sailors