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  1. mixmkr

    1965 Alcort Sunfish WAVE Repairs

    Is the drain plug picture reversed?...or installed on a Friday on the opposite coaming?
  2. mixmkr

    1963 Alcort Wooden Sunfish CHIP Restoration

    Great read and pics!
  3. mixmkr

    Is the rudder hardware anodized?

    I kinda like that name...and "concept". Much better than Sea-duction or Obsession! Buoy Toy is
  4. mixmkr

    New owner, older hull Serial# 010013 refurbishing for my daughter

    Just opposite of the hardware. Slightly cut thru some foam for the bridle eyestraps...but was ok for the mast stuff and bow handle, cutting just off center from the keel line.
  5. mixmkr

    New owner, older hull Serial# 010013 refurbishing for my daughter

    With the above post said....the Sunfish came with wood backing blocks and self tapping screws. Anything else is not original to my knowledge. Maybe the new ones were thrubolted when they started using backing plates?? I don't know?
  6. mixmkr

    New owner, older hull Serial# 010013 refurbishing for my daughter

    My 69 fish has all machine screws now, as I put in 1/4" alum backing plates and tapped the screws into them. Doubtful, but possibly the previous owner did something similar. By the way, I don't have any inspection ports on the deck, as I cut out access holes on the bottom, epoxied backing...
  7. mixmkr

    New to me Sunfish hulls

    While I tend to agree with this, gelcoating is a skill that can be learned to achieve results to make repairs invisible....with no extra effort. I repair both the day sailor fleets at the Boy and Girl Scout camps here in my area. I use gelcoat from the manufacturer (but unfortunately not for...
  8. mixmkr

    New to me Sunfish hulls

    Beldar is really correct, in the overall. When you're sailing, I find I'm not really looking at my Sunfish and how nice it looks. I'm more wrapped up with the sailing. It's when it's sitting on the trailer in the backyard, that you like it looking nice.
  9. mixmkr

    New to me Sunfish hulls

    Yeah...acetone will work...although not super quick, but with some elbow grease and a roll of paper towels, you'll conquer it eventually. You can use stuff like Interlux 216 Special takes it off quicker, but makes the glue a gooey mess in the process. I just usually cut it off...
  10. mixmkr

    New to me Sunfish hulls

    A couple of other things, while talking about gelcoat. I doesn't feather. In other words, when you're done spraying, it needs to be sanded and buffed, no matter how good you spray it. Spraying just reduces the amount of sanding. That procedure will do away with any "feathering". However...
  11. mixmkr

    New to me Sunfish hulls

    Check out preval sprayers. I've used them with great success, even on larger jobs. The West Marine Hi-bond brand gelcoat changes color after a year or so...not recommended. The "difficult" part of gelcoating is color matching. You can apply gelcoat with a shovel, as you can just sand it down...
  12. mixmkr

    Sunfish transportation tips and advice.

    you must have not liked the goofy transom traveler and put that "bad boy" Harken in. Glad to see the motor pulled up too. Can't grade you on fenders hanging over the edge in this pic ;-D
  13. mixmkr

    My first capsize & turtle

    I think undoing the main sheet had the effect of letting the water drain out of the sail. ....if I were to guess. A sail full of water will definitely prevent righting the boat. Make sure the main sheet is long enough to NOT undo and watch the sail to make sure it isn't "scooping" up water...
  14. mixmkr

    New member looking for some advice on a project Sailfish

    Someone may have thought sticking a "pin" thru the hole was the best idea, when yes..dimples work fine...or even a sharpie on a white daggerboard ...or whatever... letting the shockcord hold the daggerboard at whatever position is desired. For a bit, I had one board marked, so I knew it was...
  15. mixmkr

    Taking sailing lessons on a sunfish this weekend

    IDK.....those pesky Sunfishes are pretty sneaky and full of foul play! :-)
  16. mixmkr

    New member looking for some advice on a project Sailfish

    Measurement far the board is down (or up)?
  17. mixmkr

    New Project Questions

    West is the most expensive but usually best in many ways. Watch building up your dagger board too thick. I'll let others suggest their favorite snake oil. That said, different strokes for different applications...
  18. mixmkr

    New Project Questions

    Toilet bowl cleaner...let it sit for 20 minutes or so...scrub with a hand brush and adequate gloves. I like the gel kinds best.
  19. mixmkr

    Advice on starting a Sunfish Fleet within our club (Arizona Yacht Club)

    Easy, inexpensive and attractive would seem to be the words. If things get going great, then discussions can happen if things need to tighten up. Otherwise keep Intensity Sails as your friend. No need to weed out people in the beginning, would be my thought. Arizona doesn't seem to me to be a...
  20. mixmkr

    Power Washer damage

    Stainless rivets are much harder to pop and cheap rivet guns usually aren't up to the task. Stainless rivets will "feel" heavier where aluminum pop much easier and feel "very light" in weight. If you don't have both to compare weights it can be tough, but the two side by side, no mistaking.