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    Laser Class removes LaserPerformance as approved builder

    wow, big shake up in the Laser world.
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    (sunfish sailor) Peter Stanton Named Virgin Islands Sailor of the Year
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    ins & outs of ratchet blocks

    this is a really cool video by Harken that visually shows the effect of a ratchet block and how it reduces the load to your hands when holding and easing the mainsheet.
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    Strange goings-on in the Sunfish class

    a thread started over in the Laser Forum: Strange goings-on in the Sunfish class | apparently a big shakeup between the Sunfish Class (ISCA) and Laser Performance - with LP now starting control of their own version of the Sunfish Class (ISCO?).
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    sunfish t-shirt at J Crew

    pretty cool Sunfish t-shirt for sale at J Crew (no Sunfish logo on the image, but they do call it a "Sunfish" sailing t-shirt).
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    a sunset sail on Lake Michigan

    Just got back from a week's vacation on Lake Michigan. Perfect beach weather, but winds/waves/schedule only gave me 2 chances to sail, my son went out 1 more time but it was pretty light winds. We sailed one evening together as the sun was starting to set - me on the Sunfish (white sail) and...
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    storing a Sunfish standing up

    Over this weekend, I needed to get my Super Porpoise out of the way to get my Sunfish and Minifish ready to take on vacation to Lake Michigan. my barn is in a bit of a disarray right now, so my best option seemed to be storing the boat vertically. I know it's been talked about various times on...
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    SUP Sunfish

    did everyone else see the new stand up paddle boards (SUP) that Laser Performance is planning to start producing? I'm not sure why they've chosen to piggy back on the Sunfish name, but they are calling it the "world of Sunfish", and maybe hope to help push the SUP sales by calling it a...
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    Neil Pryde Sunfish sail area

    Any one out there know why the Neil Pryde Sunfish sail is listed as 83.60 square feet? NP Sunfish and Lateen Sails Isn't the Sunfish sail traditionally 75 square feet in area?
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    mystery boat

    a reader of my Sunfish sailing blog sent me a couple pictures of a mystery boat that they own. any clues? the reader described it as a scow, similar to a Butterfly approximately 12-feet long, wood construction aluminum mast and spars for a lateen rig a (ridiculously!) large rudder and...
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    Minifish logo?

    does anyone have a .jpg or .pdf or similar version of the Minifish logo? I have a Minifish sail, so if need be will have to go and make a tracing of it, but wanted to see first if anyone else out there already has an electronic version they would be willing to share. thanks, tag (my2fish)
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    Sunfish themed shower curtain

    saw this on Instagram - Colie Sails custom made a shower curtain to look like a Sunfish sail. not sure I would have picked those colors, but that's a pretty sweet idea for a cottage or maybe a nautical themed bathroom!
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    Sunfish PVC dolly with a handle

    so I finally sketched up details for the handle that I added to my Sunfish PVC dolly. you can download (for free!) a .pdf sketch of the PVC dolly and the PVC handle at my blog post:
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    New promo video for the Sunfish

    Laser Performance put together a nice little promo video for the Sunfish:
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    drifting along in a Minifish

    I took a screenshot of this from one of my GoPro videos from last summer - one of the calmest days I have ever seen on Lake Michigan. I was in the Sunfish with one of my sons, and my oldest son was drifting along in the Minifish.
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    Foiling Lasers!

    Will the Sunfish be next?
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    Sunfish PVC dolly plans on eBay

    So is someone from this forum selling copies of my plans for building a PVC dolly for Sunfish on eBay? Recently a kind soul alerted me to this eBay posting: I didn't pay them $5 to see "their" plans, but that photo is stolen right off of my Sunfish sailing blog. I offer my plans for free at my...
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    Oops. Minifish inspection port?

    Well crap. I picked up a very nice Minifish last Thanksgiving as a gift for my boys and have somehow kept it hidden from them all year. I got it out today to prep it for them, and was going to install a mainsheet block and remove the hook. I thought I would cut in an inspection port...
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    Sunfish hull repair (video)

    Shorelines Sailboats, a Laser Performance dealer in western New York, made a nice video showing some repair methods for fixing up an old Sunfish.
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    new Minifish sail

    Big thanks to Craig (sailcraftri) for spearheading an order for new Minifish sails - very much appreciated! I got mine in the mail today... I didn't unroll the whole sail, but it looks great!