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    Rub rail for 1988 boat

    I need to replace the rub rail on my 14.2 and need some help. There are a few threads about replacing rub rail but I can't find any specific information. Some have ordered from Catalina so I emailed them but no luck so far; the photos they sent were for their larger boats. Looked like 2 part...
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    Lost top batten

    Need a little help here. Somehow I managed last week to lose the top batten (standard, not full) from the main that I bought from Catalina a year ago. Duh. Can anyone give me the dimensions of that batten so I can call APS? Thanks. Bill
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    New Sails Opportunity

    I have the boat under the thread "It's out of the weeds" and I'm going to be replacing/repairing a lot of things now that the boat has been "rescued". Since mice destroyed the sails I've got to replace those, except maybe the main; those huge holes in the center may be easier to use instead of...
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    It's out of the weeds

    fan - The extraction from the brambles went surprisingly well. After I stomped down and pulled away most of the brush I jacked the trailer and pulled the hubs to replace the bearings. Put a different pair of wheels on - these tires had air in them; I thought that would make towing easier. So I...