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    Advice for really HEAVY winds -what a blast

    I've been sailing the Laser for less than three months now -so just about everything is new .. and still exciting for me. Yesterday was the harshest wind I've been in yet. The sailboarder dudes said it was a steady 30kts with one gust at 44. I managed not to die, managed not to capsize...
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    Bonking my head & safety helmets

    In heavier winds (20kts+) the boom keeps on bonking my head when comming about. Im fine with gybes though. I dont know why it's happening more now .. than earlier this season. Something I've got to figure out. .... anyhow ... does anyone wear safety helmets when Lasering? Perhaps a...
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    Wanted: used Laser in WI, northern IL

    Looking for used Laser in central to southern Wisconsin or northern Illinois