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    Wanted: Mast for 1988 capri 14.2

    Let me know if you still need a mast. I have two, only need one. Located in New York
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    Rub rail for 1988 boat

    I need to replace the rub rail on my 14.2 and need some help. There are a few threads about replacing rub rail but I can't find any specific information. Some have ordered from Catalina so I emailed them but no luck so far; the photos they sent were for their larger boats. Looked like 2 part...
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    cleaning original sails

    My boat sat in the weeds for 10 years before I bought it and the main and roller furling jib were laying in the cockpit all that time. The main was bunched up and mice found it to be irresistable - ate lots of dacron. The jib on the other hand was rolled tightly so no mice, but there was moss...
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    Lost top batten

    Thanks Spidey. After I posted the original note it occurred to me that I had a 5/8" batten from another boat that could be used as a replacement. Some measuring, cutting and smoothing and all the pockets are full again.
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    Lost top batten

    Need a little help here. Somehow I managed last week to lose the top batten (standard, not full) from the main that I bought from Catalina a year ago. Duh. Can anyone give me the dimensions of that batten so I can call APS? Thanks. Bill
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    Cubby Upgrade

    I'm wondering about the copper sleeves and hand swaging tool. Will these swages hold up under close hauled loads or in a puff? Anyone have any idea what the acceptable loads for these would be? Maybe eriggingsupply?
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    replacement hanks on jib

    Greg, Try Sailrite - - and do a search for hanks. They have a bunch of different styles to choose from.
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    Baby Bob

    Optiparts mastfloat? Anyone have any experience with this float?
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    "Winter storage"

    Sliding snow A method I use on my boats uses the mast, clothesline, and silver tarps. I remove anything large from the mast that will poke through a tarp (spreaders on the 14.2) and then support it HIGH above the boat. I use the mast support on the trailer, then fashion a mast support for close...
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    How do I rebed deck fittings?

    Chainplate backer Can't help you there Prig. The one time I crawled into the cuddy of my MK 1 to install a new shock cord for the hiking straps I couldn't get out of there fast enough. I didn't take the time to do any inspection. Gotta find a small 10 year old to crawl around in there!
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    How do I rebed deck fittings?

    Rebed fittings IMO the best way to rebed fittings is to: Apply masking tape around the fittings then remove them and thoroughly clean around and in the holes If there's any moisture let the area thoroughly dry. If there's any rot, remove it. This is also a good time to check for backing...
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    Installing a ladder?

    Thanks Greg. As usual a good description of a well thought out plan. Bill
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    Installing a ladder?

    Greg, Who is the manufacturer of your ladder? Bill
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    Parting Out Capri

    Mast still available? Bill
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    It's out of the weeds

    Little boat is all covered up and resting. 3 degrees here this morning and 8" of snow forecast. Do NOT tell me about SoCal pleasantries! I sent the jib to SailCare to have it cleaned and should have it back in a week or so. I figured for $70 it's worth it to have the pros take a shot at...
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    New Sails Opportunity

    Thanks guys. My only experinence with Intensity Sails is over on the Daysailer forum and, like Scott, I don't need sails for that boat. I do see that they've been getting really good reviews from the people who've bought sails over there. Guess I shouldn't worry about sails right now - just...
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    New Sails Opportunity

    Curious. As of today, 12/19, the original message was looked at over 400 times, yet there's been no response. Seems to me having another source for reasonably priced sails wouldn't be a bad thing. Is there something I'm missing here?
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    New Sails Opportunity

    I have the boat under the thread "It's out of the weeds" and I'm going to be replacing/repairing a lot of things now that the boat has been "rescued". Since mice destroyed the sails I've got to replace those, except maybe the main; those huge holes in the center may be easier to use instead of...
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    Mast Carrier JFG, Can you send some pics and details of your transom mast carrier? Looks simple and efficient. Thanks. Bill Herrick
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    It's out of the weeds

    Standing rigging and luff groove Flounder - the people I bought it from were going to take it to the junk yard and I had to talk them out of it. They were worried I might drown. See what wisdom a couple hundred dollars can impart? Out of curiosity, a question about your standing rigging. My...