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  1. Dr._Loser

    Silence is the answer again

    Someone knows when will be the 2012 Laser Youth 4.7 World Championship ??? It'll take place in ARGENTINA, my country but nobody here knows anything, ILCA did not answer my e-mails........... ...MY NATIONAL FEDERATION SAYS NOTHING ABOUT IT.... I am Laser coach, and we are working very hard to...
  2. Dr._Loser

    What ????? 2012 Youth World Championship

    Hi everybody !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) I have a question........ I.L.C.A. is certain, is sure that the 2012 Youth World Championship, would take place some day. As you know, i work as Laser Coach. Here is the link of my work...
  3. Dr._Loser

    News from third world !!!!!!

    . Time to time we have news to share with you. So in this thread we'll let you know. In this link: 8º Anniversary ARG Laser Master Class In the picture (Center) Mr Mono Romero Olimpic sailor...he...
  4. Dr._Loser

    Odesur 2010

    Another big Chanpionship in the far south !!!!!
  5. Dr._Loser

    20º Central & South American Laser STD Championship

  6. Dr._Loser

    IIIº Central & South American Laser Master Championship

    Hello everyone !!!!!!!! In February next year we have a great championship in Argentina! We hope you come to know a Sudaka Country !!!!!! IIIº Central & South American Laser Master Championship SAILING INSTRUCTIONS :):):):):):):):):):) Cheers Alex
  7. Dr._Loser

    Buenos Aires Week

    Hi everybody Here you have pictures from Third World !!!!!!! Cheers Alex:)
  8. Dr._Loser

    A life and a dream.....

    Hi everybody: Excuse me for my "broken english" In a few hours we'll be feeling under our skin the Laser World Championship at CANADA. It's a great HONOUR for us !!!! It's another step to London 2012. These young sailors now 21, 29 years old, working very very hard from 9, 10 years old ...
  9. Dr._Loser


    Hi everybody !!!!!! We are at Buzios Brasil !!!!!! Very warm 32ºC !!!!!!!! Here is a big party with : VOLVO YOUTH SAILING at Buzios S.A. SAILING at Buzios Videos...
  10. Dr._Loser

    2009 -Feijoo Championship ARG

    Dear TLF Laserites: Some of you have asked me about this championship. This is the info, so you need time to think about it. We hope you visit us !!!!!!!! Alex --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2009 - Eduardo Feijoo Championship Memorial Regattas...
  11. Dr._Loser

    ARG New Forum

    Hi everybody !!!!! I know, you'll understand a sh&t, but this is good news !!!! If you want to visit it, use this: USER: visitor PASSWORD: laserarg See you in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canadá !!!!! Chau chabón !!!! Alex :)
  12. Dr._Loser

    How much is a new Laser ?? ( II )

    At last !!!!! After our last year of fight, now we have a solution to our problem !!!!! Next August, we'll have "HOMO" Laser Performance at ARGENTINE !!!!! THANK ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE WITH Dr Loser. Do not forget to visit our ARG Master's Class Blog...
  13. Dr._Loser

    ARG Laser Masters Blog

    T.L.F. Members: This is our new Blog. We hope in future, for the ARG Master Laser Championship a lot of you will be sailing with us !!!!!!! Link: Best Regards !!!! :) Alex Benarós Vice President ARG Laser Master Class
  14. Dr._Loser

    2009 South & Center America Championship

    Laser Chile Link with pictures: HAPPY 2009 !!! Alex
  15. Dr._Loser

    WHALE'S CUP at the far south

    Here you have pics of WHALE'S CUP Puerto Madryn ARG Club site Cheers Alex :)
  16. Dr._Loser

    ARG Masters Championship 2008

    . We want to invite all of you to our most important championship at ARGENTINA ARG Masters Championship 2008 and IIIº Feijoo Championship Link: Club web site Pictures of last edition...
  17. Dr._Loser

    How much is a New Laser ???

    . Is this info ok???? Laser Performance New Laser Boat PRICE............ u$s 8.857.- ???? From Laser Performance Price List on-line Money change: You have to buy 4.495 GBP and pay 8857 USD at 1.9706 And we have to pay to carry...
  18. Dr._Loser

    Be a Champion in South America !!!!

    . Now you can be a Champion !!!!! Hi everybody. Since january 2008 there is not Laser factories in South America. So we have not replacements parts or new boats. The only way to buy them is from U.S. and a boat costs u$s 8.000.- That's why in ARG are two full homologated boats, one in...