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  1. Alan S. Glos

    Two Digit Sail Numbers

    A lot of clubs had fleets of Sunfish that they numbered with homegrown numbers for club racing purposes (and avoided paying the Class dues in the process.) Or sometimes people who club raced just added a random numbeer to their sails. The sail number has nothing to do with the age of the...
  2. Alan S. Glos

    Too heavy for Sunfish?

    The Sunfish is fairly forgiving for skipper weight. For racing, the optimum is about 5'11" at 170 lbs. I am 5' 9" at 200 lbs and do just fine for a 75 year old racer. Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
  3. Alan S. Glos

    Sunfish Daggerboard Floats Away

    If memory serves, the dagger board is about 9,5" wide, the trunk opening a little larger. I would cut one strip about 1" X 9" and glue it witdthwise inside the dagger board hole about 1" down from the deck. That should do it. Alan Glos
  4. Alan S. Glos

    Sunfish Daggerboard Floats Away

    Also think about gluing in a 1" wide strip of indoor/outdoor carpet scrap the width of the dagger board hole about an inch down from the deck. This (along with the shock cord) will help keep the board in place and will also reduce/eliminate the board from vibrating at higher speeds. Use...
  5. Alan S. Glos

    World’s ugliest Sunfish sail?

    Nathanael G. Herreshoff, famous naval designer was asked what color to paint a yacht and was reputed to have said, "The only colors to paint a yacht are black or white and only a fool would paint one black." By extension, sails should be white. Yes, this sail is "butt ugly" or by contraction...
  6. Alan S. Glos

    Vintage Laser Parts for Sale

    I am OK with "best offers" on any or all of these items. Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
  7. Alan S. Glos

    how long will a sunfish last on open ocean?

    Read "This Book is Drunk" about a guy who sailed a Sunfish from Miami , FL to Boston, MA in the 1970s. He did beach the boat each night but he still had quite an adventure. Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
  8. Alan S. Glos

    New Sunfish Owner

    These 2000 decade Vanguard Sunfish are great boats, better made than the earlier Pearson boats and may end up being better than the recent China built boats - time will tell on them. I have owned/raced a 2003, 2005 and now 2010 Sunfish. The 2010 boat was a Worlds boat from the Sunfish World...
  9. Alan S. Glos

    What kind of paddle for Sunfish ?

    Yes, and the other one is (I recall) called a Paddle Hand or something like that. Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
  10. Alan S. Glos

    What kind of paddle for Sunfish ?

    Here is a completely different take on paddles for a Sunfish. The problem with a conventional paddle is that you have to use both hands to paddle the boat. There are two paddles I have seen that are one handed designs that allow you to steer with one hand and paddle with the other. They are...
  11. Alan S. Glos

    brass bailer plug

    Lotsaluck finding one of the plugs. I have seen them on e-bay for upwards of $50. I once bought an entire damaged beyond repair hull just to get the aluminum bailer assembly with plug. Alan Glos Cazenovia,NY
  12. Alan S. Glos

    New rudder blades made

    You gotta love kids who learn to make things. Bravo! Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
  13. Alan S. Glos

    Need spars in south Florida

    I can sell you a good Sunfish bronze gooseneck for $38 + USPS flat rate shipping (see photo.) E-mail me at: if you are interested. I also have spars but can't ship them due to oversized shipping costs, but if you have a way to pick them up, I can sell a boom set with all...
  14. Alan S. Glos

    NEW YORK Vintage Laser Parts for Sale

    I just salvaged an mid-1970s (best guess) Laser hull that was damaged beyond repair and have the following parts for sale: -A pair of nice wood cockpit grab rails. Mahogany with stainless steel attachment screws. Good shape but need varnish. Just the thing for a purist restor. project or...
  15. Alan S. Glos

    It's not a Sunfish, so what is it?

    You definitely have a Panther, See this CraigsList ad: Panther Sailboat 14 ft like Sunfish Alan Glos
  16. Alan S. Glos

    It's not a Sunfish, so what is it?

    No clue, but google "Shorty Pen", look under "board boats" and I will bet that you can find out what she is. Alan Glos Cazenovia,NY
  17. Alan S. Glos

    Brand new daggerboard

    You know, that is a nice piece of work. It is great to see a young man who learns how to build things rather than spending all day on social media. It would perform a little better if the edges were shaped into more of a hydrofoil shape, but if you aren't racing, you will never notice the...
  18. Alan S. Glos

    rudder bushings

    In a pinch a flat section of a plastic milk bottle woks fine. The real bushings are nylon and may last longer than the milk bottle. They sell them in batches of 10 to jack up the retail price. Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
  19. Alan S. Glos

    Help identifying model year of a Porpoise II

    Hear ye, hear ye: By the power invested in me by Neptune and all the other nautical gods, I hereby declare and affirm (wink, wink) that your Porpoise II fiberglass sailboat was born in Dowgiac, Michigan in the year 1972 just prior to the dawn of th H.I.N. requirements. If your local DMV...
  20. Alan S. Glos

    WTB older sunfunfish hulls

    My guess is that there are not a lot of Sunfish hull-only deals in your part of Alabama, but look up "Signal Charley" (aka: Kent Lewis) here on the Forum and send him a personal message. Kent marinates in the small boat world of the Florida Panhandle and may be able to link you up with some...