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    Zhik Hot Top

    Price $50.
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    Zhik PFD

    Price reduction. now $50.
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    Zhik PFD

    Still Available
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    Zhik PFD

    I will be in touch tomorrow..Eric
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    Acme Black Diamond Carbon Tiller & Fatso Jr Extension

    No damage at all. 48". Please send me your phone # to work out pmt details. Thanks, Eric
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    Acme Black Diamond Carbon Tiller & Fatso Jr Extension

    I think I can do that. What is your address & phone? I will get a quote tomorrow...
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    UTAH Zhik Hot Top

    Brand new. “Super Warm”. Woman’s Size M. Hydrophobic.
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    UTAH Zhik PFD

    Brand new. Size M. Buoyancy Aid.
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    Acme Black Diamond Carbon Tiller & Fatso Jr Extension

    New condition.
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    Nexus SN103RE Compass w/ Colie Deck Plate

    Very little use.
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    2001 Laser Pro

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    2001 Laser Pro

    2001 Vanguard Laser. Full, Radial & 4.7 rigs. Seitech dolly. Carbon tiller & ext. APS blade bag. SEA top cover. Rig upgrades. #170143
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    Laser/Radial for Sale

    interested. pls send pics if possible. wavesail at juno dot com. thanks..
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    Nexus Double Tac Compass 103RE w/ Colie Plate

    New condition Nexus Double Tac Compass. Mounted on Colie plate. Fits upgraded deck hardware. Model 103RE.
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    2002 Laser Full Rig w/ Kitty Hawk

    2002 Vanguard Laser Full Rig. Lightly raced. Garage stored. 2007 Kitty Hawk Trailer Seitech dolly North Race Sail used 1 regatta Intensity Practice Sail used less than 5 days New Performance Laser Top Section Colie rigging Carbon tiller & ext New Aquata Blade Bag. SLO...
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    2002 Laser Pro w/ Kitty Hawk

    2002 Vanguard Laser Pro for sale. Standard Rig. Mint condition. Raced lightly & stored indoors. Stiff hull. New condition galvanized Kitty Hawk trailer. Seitech dolly. New Colie Mojo upgrade package. All maffioli line including mainsheet. New Aquata deluxe blade bag. Blades mint...