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  1. baseman

    Age of Intensity Sunfish Sail

    The race cut sail I bought in 2012 had a Sunfish logo.
  2. baseman

    Phantom rudder question

    There should be a clip on the rudder head that locks the rudder to the gudgeon. I don't have my Phantom any more or I would take a picture.
  3. baseman

    2 Free Sunfish in Ashland, New Hampshire

    Shouldn't I have all of this and.....
  4. baseman

    2 Free Sunfish in Ashland, New Hampshire

    Two things. OK three(or so) Thanks LVW for thinking of me. I don't have room for any more boats, I don't have any way to transport them, and I don't need any more project boats. Plus I'm not sure I want to talk to anyone that says that one of the boats has a rutter.
  5. baseman

    Glamor Shot

    First (and only) time I beat Lightnings to the windward mark.
  6. baseman

    Aluminum Trim Section...

    My brother left outside unused for 25 years. When I went to get it, it was so full of water we could hardly lift it.
  7. baseman

    Aluminum Trim Section...

    L&VW, if you are still looking for trim, I have an entire boats worth. It's on a Scorpion and you can have it if you want to come down and get it.
  8. baseman

    When is it time to call it quits?

    Keep the boat. My wife is not a sailor but she has been out with me a few times on my sunfish clone. We bought an O'Day Daysailer so she could sail with me. It needs work, so we haven't sailed it yet. I haven't sailed much in the last 3 years, but 3 years ago I was hospitalized with a ruptured...
  9. baseman

    Powerboat lake sailing

    BB, good point. Sounds like paddling out of the mooring field before the sail is raised is the best option.
  10. baseman

    Powerboat lake sailing

    I've run into similar issues but fortunately, the lake I sail on has a boat ramp that is in a channel (no wake zone). This allows me to get away from shore, raise the sail and head for the middle of the lake before the wakes are an issue. If you can point the bow into the waves (regardless of...
  11. baseman

    Restoring Old Daggerboard

    I made my own handles several years ago. I used two slices of mahogany decking and fashioned the curved part with a sander.
  12. baseman

    Start your own boat company

    I use a Sunfish sail on the Viking (but I'm using the Phantom spars). The DePersia bailer is the same design that was used on the Scorpion (the cap is not trheaded)
  13. baseman

    Start your own boat company

    I've never owned a Sunfish, but I have owned a Phantom, a Scorpion and I now own a Viking. The website says The Phantom was one of the most popular sailboats ever produced. I'm not sure I believe that. The only thing I still use from the Phantom is the eye strap on the upper boom to hold the...
  14. baseman

    Mast tube/step depth

    Wavedancer, that sounds about right. I was thinking I lost about an inch of depth, but I don't think it will matter.
  15. baseman

    Mast tube/step depth

    LVW, Nice to be back (and that's a long story. Not going there). Measuring the mark on the mast might help, but I'm really looking for the actual depth from the deck to the bottom of the hull.
  16. baseman

    Mast tube/step depth

    This question has most likely been asked before, but I couldn't find an answer. I had to rebuild my mast step and I neglected to measure it before I started the repairs. Mine measures about 9 inches.
  17. baseman

    Seeking Phantom 14 rudder

    I'll have to look and see what I have. I know I don't have a complete rudder setup, but I have some parts. At this point you may be better off converting to a Sunfish rudder. If you needed a daggerboard, I do have a couple of those.
  18. baseman

    Sunfish Halyard rigging to raise/lower sail on the water

    My Phantom had a fairlead next to the mast step, and opening in the coaming and a cleat right behind it. You could easily drop the sail from the cockpit, but raising it was another story. I used to raise the sail on the water, but I had to climb out on the deck next to the mast.
  19. baseman

    Help with a Scorpion rudder

    It doesn't look to me like the original setup. If you want to keep it original, I probably have the parts. I think I have a complete rudder setup.
  20. baseman

    Only for the young

    I wouldn't consider myself athletic, but I am a bit small (5' 3" and 130 lbs). I'm also a brain aneurysm survivor. I didn't get out much last year, but I'm in a lot better condition this year. LVW - looks like a new sail since the last time I saw you. Almost forgot to mention that I haven't been...