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    looking for a cheap used full-rig sail

    sailable condition, not great
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    looking for a cheap used full-rig sail

    I have plenty for $25 plus shipping
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    Need laser in CO.

    I have a couple of 19934 lasers to choose from $1750 and $2250. I will be traveling to Nebraska City, Ne. in August and could bringing with me. Don 269-569-2794
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    Laser parts wanted

    I have all of these parts, available in SW Michigan. Don
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    Need used Laser

    I have a great project boat located in Michigan, 1993 boat, $1750 with all parts, ready to sail, needs some cosmetic repairs Don
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    Laser Standard sail and lower mast wanted.

    I have a number of full rig lower mast sections, located in Michigan
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    Jotag Dolly from Intensity Sails

    I have one love it. New solid tires are great, no flats
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    does anyone know where i can find a Laser for 2000$? (MIAMI)

    I have 2 for sale 1993 in Michigan?
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    Looking for two lasers

    Hi Ian, I have 2 1993 boats race ready, $3950 with 1 dolly, no trailer though. Former Annapolitin now located in Saugatuck, Michigan. Don
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    LASER Rudder and Tiller Wanted

    $200, used rudder blade, head, tiller and extension. Shipping not included. I am located in Saugatuck , Michigan
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    LASER Rudder and Tiller Wanted

    I have plenty, for play or race? Don
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    2003 Lasers for Sale, $1750 and $1500

    I have two 2003 Lasers in good shape although both have had repairs to the hull (can send pictures). Dry stored, previously U of Colorado Navy ROTC boats used about 1 month per year. Now sailed in Saugatuck, Michigan. Many spar sections, sails, rudders and dagger boards to choose from. $1750 and...
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    Four lasers for sale 3 x 1993's and 1 x 2000

    1 left, no trailers. Don 269-569-2794
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    Laser Parts Wanted

    Hi Nancy, I sent a text to your phone, let me know if you received it? 2 dagger boards, 2 rudders, 2 tillers, 2 tiller extensions, 1 class legal sail with battens, $1010.00. If you received the text I can send photos as well? See you in Tulsa. Don
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    Laser Parts Wanted

    I have most of these used parts, daggerboards, rudders, sails , stoppers are easily found at your local West Marine or online. I am located in Michigan but Iwill be traveling to Tulsa in mid October for a horse show if that helps? Don, 269-569-2794
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    Four lasers for sale 3 x 1993's and 1 x 2000

    I have three lasers, all 1993 (2000 sold). All boats were utilized by the University of Colorado Navy ROTC for approximately one month for year and dry store during the winter. Boats are in good to very good condition . Hulls are very dry. If interested please call 269–5 69–2794. Loads of extra...
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    Laser wanted - West Michigan

    I have three, 1993 lasers and one 2000 laser for sale in good to very good condition. Located in Saugatuck. Give me a call 269–5 69–2794. Best regards, Don
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    Wi, Mn, Mi, Il, and Oh Laser wanted

    I have 3, 1993 Lasers with full rigs recently purchased from the University of Colorado Navy ROTC. Used for 4-5 weeks per year these bone dry boats are now in Saugatuck, Michigan looking for a good home.
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    Newer hull wanted

    I have 2, 1993 hulls , very dry, call me. Located SW Michigan, Don 269_569_2794
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    1980s Laser - standard upper and lower mast needed

    I have many to choose from, located in Saugatuck, Michigan. Don 269-569-2794