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    Lake Garda, Italy

    Can someone recommend a sailing club/training facility in the lake Garda area. I'm a Masters sailor looking for some coaching while there. Thx
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    I'm interested in getting a compass and would anyone have any suggestions for the Intensity w/ foam block? How do you run a bungee for the dagger board without it getting in the way?
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    Successful Sailing Trip In Cabarete, DR

    Just got back from taking some clinics at the Laser Training Center in Cabarete. Had the pleasure of training with all 3 instructors (Rulo, Ken Brown, and Ari Barshi). Went down with 3 other sailors and we all had a great time. The very intense wind and training will be hard to forget or...
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    Caribbean Sailing Camps

    Hello All, I have been sailing a Laser now for 2 years and competing at my local club. I'm no spring chicken (40's) and would like to get better through some advance lessons. My wife and I usually go to the Caribbean in the spring each year. Does anyone no of a Laser sailing camp that is open to...