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    Laser Sailing - The Video Game

    Just in time for Christmas :D
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    New Daggerboard Brake - Coming October!

    The new daggerboard brakes are finally coming this fall. LP should starting shipping them in October. We already have them up for Pre-Order, as I'm sure your local dealer and forum sponsors will shortly. Only picture so far of the finished product (I've only seen the prototypes in person)...
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    Nautical America - Kitty Hawk Trailers stopping production

    One of the top guys in the industry Ken from Nautical America - announced today that he is ceasing production of the Kitty Hawk trailers that have made him famous. He has been having some health concerns and needs to focus on getting better. We're all going to miss Ken and his excellent...
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    New Vang Block - yeah!

    Got a bunch of new harken vangs in today. Looks like the long standing mumbling about the vang sheeve has been heard. We now have a new block shipping with the vang upgrade. Customers had been having the 3mm spectra line jump the sheeve, I guess that might well be a thing of the past. Old...
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    Clew Sleeve released by Vanguard

    Vanguard released the info for the stainless steel Clew Sleeves this morning :) Price point came in just a bit under what most people were guessing. $45. Class legal as of Dec 1, 2006. Will be available from fine retailers everywhere Dec 13. Details are in the Class Rules thread here on...
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    Ocean sailing on a 37'er

    This weekend I closed up shop, and prepared to help a friend deliver a Pacific Seacraft 37' from Newport Oregon to Northern California. I'm pretty green with real ocean sailing. I had a good feeling in my stomach though, had some sea-sickness pills just in case, all the gear and safety...
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    Anyone using a Dorsal Hiking Strap yet? I ordered one, but haven't put it on my boat yet. Curious if anyone has tried it. It's pretty light, and tapered from 4" to 2". Any input?
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    Winter Laser Sailing Gear?

    Aside from those of you sailing where it snows (brrrr!) what is everyone going to be wearing this fall/winter? I wear pretty standard stuff, capilene base, fleece then spray gear. I have recently been wearing a Lycra/Fleece top from SEA. It's very warm and comfy. What are you guys and...
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    2007 Colors

    Got the 2007 Vanguard color chart, which shows what '07 lasers will look like. Who thinks they can guess?
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    And the Winner of the new Laser Sail is......

    If you weren't selected to win a new sail, Tyler will be sending out some prizes to each person who entered to win the new sail. For now DEMP D. of Little Rock, Arkansas WINS A BRAND NEW LASER SAIL. Demp ordered a bunch of parts for a laser he is fixing up, and now he'll have a...
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    T-Shirts back in stock!

    Back by popular demand, the West Coast Sailing t-shirts arrived today. For anyone who wanted to trade, or get the 'Hard Rock' shirt, they are available in all the right sizes now.
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    Classy advertising on a Laser?

    I'm seizing the opportunity to sponsor an amazing Laser sailor and overall super nice guy in his Laser campaign this year. New boat, lots of sails, etc. Want to know what type of logos/graphics look good on Lasers. Classy yet effective promotion for the sailor and West Coast Sailing. What...
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    C-Vane wind indicators

    there is a 2005 thread on wind indicators, but I wanted to know if anyone is using the C-Vane Wind Indicator. works like any other wind indicator, but trys to prevent a mainsheet on another boat from snagging it and ripping it off. I know nothing about it...
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    Webstore down for updates

    Customers noticed that our webstore is offline for bit tonight (4/26). We'll be closed for a few hours doing some updates, ALL OF TODAYS ORDERS WILL SHIP NORMALLY! If you ordered new Laser sails today, they'll be numbered tonight like usual and ship out in the morning. ---- anyway, this...
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    Daggerboard Handle/Loop?

    There's a 2004 thread about this, but it's too old to reply too. What are you laser sailors using for a daggerboard handle? Loop or 'stick shift' type knob? I had a 'stick shift' handle on my last boat, really liked it. Now the new boat, well, I dunno what to do. Most people I know go...
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    sharpen your blades!?!

    Paige Riley's blades have the last 100mm of the Daggerboard, and 60mm of the rudder sharpened to a point. The class rules provide for this, as long as the boards aren't reduced in size. (rule 14 (a), (b) p35 of ILCA handbook) PICTURES Sooooooooooooooo, anyone else do this?
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    Mid Winters WEST: Predictions & Reports

    Who's making it down to San Diego? Who's going to win, and who's here is there to race? *Lots of our customers are going.....wish I was there :(
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    Newspaper comics?

    I read my news online, but have followed a funny comic for the last few years and read it online. Pearls Before Swine It's hilarious, featuring Rat, Pig, Goat, and Zebra (plus other funny guys) Anyone else have any little funnies they read?
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    Laser sailors moving into 29ers?

    Anyone here been moving from Laser to 29er? Obviously, they are much different boats, but over the years it seems more and more kids are getting in Lasers earlier, and leaving earlier for the 29er. I think it's a good thing overall, the 29er is an exciting boat, and I don't think it hurts the...
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    Laser Forum Avatars

    So, I finally added an avatar for the forum. In other forums, most everyone has a picture by there name, here, most of us do not. Anyway, mine is now a picture of t-shirts that I have in the shop. *oh, I added a line under my name too (10 stone of fun) that's pretty ridiculous, but what do...