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  1. JuanCH

    Rooster Tactics DVD

    hi all where can i watch some footage of the dvds? any links? Thanks
  2. JuanCH

    Laser Class - Builders ?!?

    Hi all, I just want to know what´s going on with the Laser Class, I´ve been told recently that in the near future Lasers will be manufactured and sold by whatever constructor following the class specs, just like other classes (Optimist). I am based in Argentina and it´s hard to find some spare...
  3. JuanCH

    New Radial cut Standard Sail in the works? New composite top mast?

    Hi all Ive heard that a new Standard sail is in the works and a new carbon top section ?? That´s gonna be expensive man!! Will those changes come into action soon??.
  4. JuanCH

    On a run (mainsheet in hand)

    Hi all! This new format looks pretty cool. Ok here is my doubt. Today I went sailing (7-8knots). When I was on a run I had the sheet in my hand, I grabbed it in front of the ratchet so I could feel the pressure of the sail. But whenever you feel that pressure is starting to grow, what am I...
  5. JuanCH

    Shroud tension?

    Hi all! I was wondering if you could help me with this:I would like to know how much tension is good on the shrouds , how do I know? general answer is the leeward should go a bit slack when beating in 10-15 knots; but how much "slack" is good?? 1cm / 2cm, more??? My rig is a double spreader...
  6. JuanCH

    Most used Sailing Watch??

    Hi all!! I am considering buying a new sailing watch. Any ideas? Which one is the most used among sailors? Thanks!
  7. JuanCH

    beating two-blocked. then roll tack.

    Hi all I was wondering how do you manage this situation: here it goes. you are on a beat two-blocked (medium winds), you need to tack (roll tack), do you let go some of the sheet fisrt so that the blocks are no longer two blocked? I mean, since you need go two block when you are in the process...
  8. JuanCH

    New blocks... not quite pro???

    Hi all, I´ve been noticing that some top notch laser sailors don´t use the new blocks. I´ve asked a friend of mine (ranks 7 worldwide) he says that he prefers the old ones since when it comes to easing the sheet the new ones work pretty fast and it´s hard to feel the pressure on the sail. Any...
  9. JuanCH

    new centerborad brake. shockcord?

    Hi, I was wondering if you need a shockord to use the new centerboard brake? or is it no necessary since the new one works better. thanks!
  10. JuanCH

    New centerboard brake

    So I am a little confused here, if you buy the new brake do you have to drill new holes so that it fits ok?? I am considering buying but I dont want to drill holes on my hull.
  11. JuanCH

    Another question on Ronstan Clear Start !

    Hi, I´ve been reading some old threads (2004) regarding this watch, all I could see was that the watch keep breaking or leaking, some said that this problem was solved with the newest watches made by Ronstan, last friday I got mine but now I think, have I made a bad investment??:( Anyone out...
  12. JuanCH

    Ronstan Clear Start watch

    Hi Ive just received my Ronstan Clear Start watch but the manual says Water Resistant. (doesnt say how many meters) Does it mean that If i capsize the watch drowns?
  13. JuanCH

    Rudder purchase (photos)

    Hi, I´ve been having some problems with my rudder. I was told that I should replace my line since it was short and I had only one purchase that´s why I wasnt able to tighten the line, the tiller moves a little, that´s why I need some photos on how to make the rudder purchase. Thank you all!
  14. JuanCH

    Racing Rules of Sailing Explained?!?

    Hello, I would like to know any web site which offers the opportunity of downloading the Racing Rules of Racing (explained with graphics) not just the plain text version! Thanks!
  15. JuanCH

    Vang tuning- Is it possible?

    Hi, I´ve just came across this article on vang setting: quote: Vang: This is the critical control for downwind sailing and when overpowered as a pre-bend tool. On a reach, adjust the tension with every puff as you reach higher or lower. Basically keep the top batten close to parallel with the...
  16. JuanCH

    What about Facebooking ourselves?

    I just came up with the idea of using Facebook to share photos and videos of what we like doing best "Laser Sailing" Anyone interested ? This way we can keep in touch. Of course we will still be using this great Forum! It's just for fun:) We can create a group or we can add ourselves as...
  17. JuanCH

    Tiller rubs the traveler cleat when two-blocked?!

    HI there, I´ve been noticing that whenever I sail upwind two blocked my carbon tiller rubs a bit the traveler cleat, whenver I ease the vang that disappears, has anyone experienced that? How can I resolve the problem? We are talking legal stuff(cleat-tiller) here. Thanks!
  18. JuanCH

    Standard Rig Vs. Radial

    HI all, today I went club racing and there was this guy sailing a Standard (he weighs 85 ks) I sail a Radial ( I weigh 67) we both have the same level but I noticed that sometimes he could sail over me ( greater acceletarion and final speed) not too much but a little more. Is it because he was...
  19. JuanCH

    Laser Storage

    Hi! I store my Laser indoors with a breathable cover, now, do I have to keep the bung in or out? What about the bailer open or closed? I have received mixed arguments. The Laser holds no moisture, it's almost new. Thanks!
  20. JuanCH

    SailFit Laser Seminars DVD

    Has anyone seen the Laserfit Seminars DVD sold on Intensity? Is it worth buying it? Anything new or just the same? Thanks!