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  1. O0laserO0

    Laser stories

    This is just a general post for stories. Anyone and everyone post your best, worst, funniest, least funniest laser stories here.:D I dont have any yet because I just got into laser sailing so post yours! :) It will give all of us something to read during the winter months.
  2. O0laserO0

    Looking fora used laser in Washington, Oregon

    I am looking for a used Laser that is in good enough shape to club race, has upgrades, and it dosesnt need to have a trailer but if possible a dolly. If you have a better deal just post it, I will look at anything you post here, even if it dosent meet the criteria that I put here. if posible I...
  3. O0laserO0

    Wood Boards vs. carbon

    Im am looking into buying a laser and I am wondering, can I still race competively with wood boards or should I try and upgrade a older boat with carbon fiber boards? Thanks in advance for you info on this subject.
  4. O0laserO0

    How do I go about buying a laser?

    I am 16 and I have just started sailing about a two years ago, I bought a flying junior from a guy and now I want to buy a single person boat because I am kinda the only person that likes to sail in my family. I sold the flying junior for what I bought it for and I am trying too look for a...