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  1. bobosail

    1982 Laser for sale with 2012 trailer.

    1982 Laser with professionally refurbished, deck, cockpit and mast step. Regular & Radial Rig, Few sail, a brand new (2012 Kitty Hawk Trailer) brand top new cover, and the rig traveling support by WinDesign. Located in the south shore of Boston. I have two other sailboat and all do I love this...
  2. bobosail

    Does anyone have any Kittyhawk Trailer pictures?

    Hello there. I recently purchase a Kittyhawk Trailer, and I am now in the process of putting it together. The trailer does come with "instructions", but they are not very detailed, and lack of pictures. Perhaps I am getting a bit older, and possibly some dementia is kicking in:D , but sure...
  3. bobosail

    Looking for a Radial Laser.

    Looking for a Radial Laser no more then 8 years old around MA or RI. Should includes all that is needed to sail, and cover + dolly and perhaps a trailer as well. Please let me know if you have anything for me. Looking to make a nice deal and entering the local frostbite soon. Guido
  4. bobosail

    Anyone does laser winter sailing in MA?

    I already took the bigger sailboat out of the water and on the hard, and really curious about winter sailing around boston. I am planning to purchase an economical laser and possibly don't give up on sailing for the winter season. Looking to know what other do around here, and what kind of gear...