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    2007 Laser For Sale – Standard and Radial Rigs (NJ) - $3750

    For sale is a 2007 Laser, grey hull with red stripe and white deck. It is in great condition as it has been well-cared for and stored indoors during the winters. It comes with: - Full Rig race spar and sail - Practice Radial spar and sail - Blades in good condition - Colie Sails top and...
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    ILCA, LaserPerformance and equipment changes

    Guys who do Olympic campaigns buy sails regularly and stop using them long before the end of their competitive life. I've bought used sails from these guys and have gotten great mileage out of them, so if you can get a good used sail from someone who buys new ones a lot, you can put off buying a...
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    187799 (st.petersburg, Fl.)

    boat was sold
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    Paint Laser Hull Pink

    In junior sailing I used to sail against a pink boat fairly regularly. It was the only one I ever saw, but I think it was custom ordered from Vanguard just before they sold to LP. Photo by Tim Wilkes
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    laser cover

    For what its worth, I've seen Colie Sails covers that are 15-20 years old and still doing their job with no problems at all. I doubt you can get higher quality than that - and they look great.
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    Once-Used Full Rig Sail for Sale - $500

    Hyde Full Rig Sail, only appears to have been used once (I would say never, but it looks like it's been slid on the mast before). Came with a boat I bought used, but I don't need it (the old one is good enough for me). Has numbers and USA professionally installed on it already (but it should be...
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    What happened to colored Lasers?

    @ Max, the yellow/dark grey was probably not their best choice ever. But yellow/white wasn't too bad though... But is there a way to permanently color an existing white or grey laser? I don't know much about paint, but won't it need replacement as time goes on?
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    What happened to colored Lasers?

    Among other things, one of my biggest gripes about Laser Performance in N.A. is that they have only made white and grey boats since 2008 or so. I understand that this makes the boats more alike, but I used to like how everyone's boat looked different with different colors across the fleet. It...
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    What Blade Bag?

    For any kind of covers, I would only go with Colie. The quality is so superior and it will last for decades. Even though the intensity one is nice (like all of their stuff), it doesn't fit the longest tiller extensions (48" +) in the pocket - it's just a little too short.
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    2 Full Rig Laser Sails for sale

    Please email me a few pictures if you have them - I am very interested. jswik93 (at) gmail (dot) com
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    Seitech Laser Dolly - $300

    ~5 years old Seitech Dolly in great shape, came with a used boat but we don't need it. Many of the load-bearing parts are new from Seitech - screws, wing nuts, side flippers for under the rail - so the dolly is literally as good as a new one. Located in NJ If interested, contact...
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    Laser 4.7 Rig with Racing and Practice Sail - $350

    The Laser 4.7 Rig is perfect for the sailor who is transitioning from Optis and wants to sail Lasers, but simply can’t handle the power of a Radial rig. The 4.7 is a growing class in the US as more young sailors are choosing to sail Lasers as they move on from Optis. Includes both a practice...
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    Coaches- why it makes laser racing less fair

    There are a lot of reasons why having a personal coach on the water is unfair, and having them hold gear is not the biggest one. First and foremost is that coaches have the potential to give sailors a big tactical advantage by feeding them information about the races that a competitor cannot...
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    PFD/ buoyancy aid question.

    I use a CG approved life jacket whenever they are required by the SI's and a buoyancy aid when they're not. At the regattas that they are required, I see plenty of people wearing buoyancy aids, and most of the time, they don't get in any kind of trouble for it. But for that small percentage of...
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    Mainsheet Blocks

    It wasn't the blocks themselves, but the hook joining them together. I'm not sure what that part of the block is made of but I don't think its a very reliable material. Or maybe it is and having 2 sets of broken blocks is like lightning striking twice... I was thinking about writing Holt Allen...
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    Mainsheet Blocks

    The "new upgrade" traveler blocks also have the added benefit of not snapping or breaking after a lot of use under high stress. My own traveler blocks (the old holt ones) broke just before the start of the first race of North Americans, costing me my drop and keeping me out of top 10 at the...