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  1. Cavi

    laser ii rudder head

    I am trying to figure out a rudder for a project dinghy. It is a 15 foot dinghy, and the rudder that is on it is incorrect. However the current setup is similar to the laser setup, but the distance from the bottom of the top pintle to the bottom of the lower pintle is larger than the laser...
  2. Cavi

    Hansen turbo sail

    I bought this new last year and have only used it twice. I am selling my laser and force 5 so I will no longer be able to use it. Call or txt Dario (530) 2006458
  3. Cavi

    1980 laser with XD upgrades

    I bought this boat around a year ago, and the hull is in great shape, does not take on any water at all!! It has a mast step repair plate on the deck which was there when I bought it. It is very solid and at least it is one headache you will not have to worry about. I changed the lines, and...
  4. Cavi

    outhaul setup questions

    I just installed my new fittings on the deck of my laser yeasterday. So next weekend I will try out a new outhaul setup. Originally I thought it was not allowed in the rules to hook a optional block to the fairlead on the boom , I thought the outhaul had to go back through it but reading the...
  5. Cavi

    bailer removal

    Is the self bailer only held in place by one screw from the bottom? Mine is in sorry shape and I want to replace the whole unit
  6. Cavi

    compact oar storage?

    I know most will probably say they never carry an oar, but the lake I sail on is very shifty and it can go from 12 knots to 2 in a blink of an eye, you can go out at 8am with great wind, sail for 2 hours and all of a sudden it is glass. So I always carry a collapsible paddle. In my Raider I...
  7. Cavi

    limits on class legal?

    I am probably going to upgrade some of the controls on my 1981 laser to the newer style. Looking on the intensity sails website, I see alot of good stuff but alot of it they say is not class legal. For example, the base for the two blocks that gets mounted to the deck behind the mast. They...
  8. Cavi

    trailer for laser

    The laser I bought is a 1981, and the trailer it came on supports the main portion of the boat with two lengthwise boards that pivot when the boat is off the trailer. Well, after years and people probably overtightening the straps the hull has an indentation on eitherr side where the boards...
  9. Cavi

    Class legal?

    My new to me laser has two cleats one on either isde for the mainsheet. I wouldrather have a central camcleat off the main block. Is that class legal?
  10. Cavi

    mast step plate on deck?

    I just bought a 1981 laser which appears to be in de ent shape. I want to do some very casual racing to learn to race. Anyway I have 2 questions. First on my deck I have a sort of frame around the mast step. It is like 18 inches in diameter. I have never seen this but it looks factory...
  11. Cavi

    What is my rudder from?

    I bought this rudder about 2 years ago for my sunfish, and it is quite a bit larger than the stock sunfish rudder. It works real well but I would like to know what it is from as i want to get another one for my force 5. The rudder is on a standard sunfish mount, it is 9 inches wide and 33...
  12. Cavi

    some video of my new toy!!

    So this is a bit of video of my new toy, a Raider ii Turbo!! This is my second time taking it out, first time was with one of the designers, and this time I am taking out my son!! Great boat, real fast in light winds!!! It also has a furling spiniker but I will not run that for a couple of...
  13. Cavi

    GoPro video of my Sunfish

    took my wife's sunfish out today and I decided to try out the new gopro, here are the results!!
  14. Cavi

    rudder question, what is my rudder from?

    Last year I bought a complete rudder assembly off E-bay for my sunfish. All the hardware is correct and it works fine but it is longer, it is like 38 inches long instead of the 25 inches it should be. It seems to work fine, but I am curious as to what it might be from.
  15. Cavi

    sail question

    Out of curiosity, I bought a sail off e-bay last year brand new. It is the one pictured in my picture, a white and blue one. I did this before I found out about Intensity sails. Anyway, where I sail the wind is typically very light, which is fine for my wife but I am a big guy so every bit...
  16. Cavi

    tiller extension

    well, after sailing quite a bit with my wife's sunfish I have come to the conclusion that I do not like the stock tiller extension, I think it is a bit too long as it seems to be in the way by about 5 inches or so when I am seated on the side of the cockpit. I also do not like that it only...
  17. Cavi

    Carpet on daggerboard trunk

    okay, my daggerboard fits good, but a bit loose to the point that I cannot lift it halfway and leave it , it just immediatly slides back down, I I want to glue a peice of carpet in the daggerboard trunk. Anyone hae pictures of what they have done?
  18. Cavi

    Rudder options

    So my rudder now has a large crack comming off one of the bolts, it is about 20 inches long but only goes abouthalf was down the blade. I plan on drilling a hole at the end of the crack and filling in with epoxy then replacing the blade. Which blade should i get? Intensity sails replica...
  19. Cavi

    daggerboard up or down...

    Okay, what is the correct time to run the daggerboard all the way down and partly down only? I would guess that all the way down would be in a broad reach, and up as much as possible would be downwind, but I am not sure. Help!!
  20. Cavi

    water in the hull

    okay, after a couple hours in the water, calm water, not much over the top of the hull I had quite a bit of water in the hull. I cannot see any visable place where water is getting in. Ideas? I am thinking I will reseal all hardware and maybe along the underside of the rail?