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  1. Kelly Nowaczyk

    Powerboat lake sailing

    Unfortunately I live on a lake with a lot of powerboats. I'm haveing some issues with getting in the middle of the lake where the best wind is. It's very hard because when I set up my sail and put it into the water by the shore I can't really control the boat because the wind is getting caught...
  2. Kelly Nowaczyk

    Some sunfish scratches

    Hello I have some scuffs and dents that I'm a little worried about. If anyone knows how to fix them please let me know. The splash board seal has gone bad also. Dose anyone know what is used to seal it. The previous owner tried to fix some of the dents, but it did not come out right. I am...
  3. Kelly Nowaczyk

    Almost died today

    hi guys Today I had a near death experience while sailing today. Now I don't want to scare anybody I just don't want this to happen to you. So I was out sailing today and it's pretty windy out there so I was jibbing and some how I lost control and the sail came on top...
  4. Kelly Nowaczyk

    upwind sailing???

    Hi I sort off new to the sailing world! I just purchased a sunfish alcort ( any thought on the boat if it good or not) but anyway I have a question that sounds really dumb and it's how do you sail upwind. Now I have been thinking about this a lot so if the wind is blowing and I'm trying to go up...