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    Centerboard hard to lower & raise

    I took the centerboard out and found a lot of really gummy stuff (old grease??) in the hinge area. Cleaned it out with WD40 and put some lithium grease in its place. Should there be any grease in this hinge? Should it be totally clean of grease?
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    Humming Centerboard

    I like the humming- it lets us know that we are really starting to move......
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    Centerboard hard to lower & raise

    I also have a line on each side of the centerboard that runs back along the base of the bench seat on each side. Same mechanical advantage as in Chemprof's drawing, but two people can pull the board up, on grabbing each line.
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    Centerboard hard to lower & raise

    Yes, bungee is in place. Even with both lines uncleated it is quite a chore to move the board. Using a foot on the board to get it to start moving helps!
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    Centerboard hard to lower & raise

    In our 1985 model , the board is really hard to lower if there is any lateral pressure at all. Pretty much need to be heading directly upwind to lower it. About as hard to raise it. This makes adjusting while underway almost impossible. Am I looking at a spring job of removing it and...
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    climbing back into the boat from the water

    I fond it really difficult to use the "rope with a terminal loop" method to get back in- your foot just swings all the way under the hull, leaving your body at a 45 degree angle to the transom, and no closer to getting over the transom into the boat. I installed a collapsible stainless ladder...
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    Installing a ladder?

    I did as gregwcoats described, except put the hatch on the vertical face of the seat. Luckily, I had some teak lying around, so I used that. It looks about like Greg's installation. The only difficulty is crawling over the traveler line when crawling over the transom. I also glued a couple...
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    Boat Lift

    You might take a look at the "roller beacher" if you have shoreline that you can haul to boat on. Link:
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    How to reef with Sailrite reefing kit?

    I am going to be installing Sailrite's Jiffy Reefing kit soon, but I am confused sa to how to use it once the sail is modified. The brief instructions on their web site says to rais the boom up to the level of the grommets on the sail. Not sure how to do that without fiddling with the...
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    Sailing Downwind

    How about running straight downwind with just a jib if the wind is more than I can comfortably handle? I had to sail straight downwind to a harbor to take out one time, in reasonably heavy seas, so I figured I was safest to just run with the jib. Is that really safe??
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    Trailer vibration question

    I was told that one bearing was replaced and they were both newly-greased---- NOT I would take them out and check them for sure.
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    where do you sail?

    Lake Huron, MI, near Cheboygan
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    trailer dimples

    What is the minimum number of rollers that should be used to support a Catalina 14? I have a roller beacher and only 3 pairs of hard plastic rollers support its entire weight. I assume that is OK, otherwise such a beaching setup would not be very useful. Thanks.
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    Tiller extension universal joint

    How do you slide the tiller through the fitting at the top of the rudder when that rubber universal base is attached to the tiller?- it block the tiller from sliding through the rudder.
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    Centerboard bungee length

    The manual I have specifies 48" by 3/8" also. It sure seems stiff, though. It is a struggle to get that board back up as we approach the rocks on our beach! Maybe the pivot mechanism is at fault???? Should I take it apart and inspect and clean it? I have a 1987 (mod 1).
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    downwind in 2-3 ft seas

    On Lake Huron, it is not unusual, with a N to SE wind, to get 2+ foot seas. We recently had to make a dash from our beach (where we keep the boat beached while we are in residence) to the harbor about 3/4 miles to the south. We had a north wind (about 10+ knots, I would estimate), with about 2...
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    Roller beacher OK for C14??

    roller beacher works fine I have used the roller beacher for a couple months, and it seems to do the job. Put a trailer tie-down strap over the boat and tied off the mast at the boom to two large (immovable) rocks for more stability, and it rode out a couple of very windy storms OK.
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    Roller beacher OK for C14??

    Has anyone tried to use the RGC1000 roller beacher for a Catalina 14? I am looking for a way to haul the boat out of the water on Lake Huron while not sailing. Are there any issues about supporting the hull with just the small donut rollers that are on such a ramp? Thanks