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    Capri 1985 Hull Question

    Oh, man! I used the wrong word. The hull caves in at the point where it rests on the front most support of the trailer IF I crank the trailer winch too much. The hull is not leaking and the trailer hubs/wheels are brand new and in excellent shape. No odd behavior in the department, My...
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    Capri 1985 Hull Question

    Thanks for the reply. Here are some additional photos. Hopefully more context.
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    Capri 1985 Hull Question

    Hola! We have a new to me Capri with some slightly concerning “features” in the bow. It sails great but looks a bust scary AND the way the trailer’s front most support is configured, the hull cavitates slightly when trailering. I have put additional supports to prevent the hull from...
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    Question Trolling motor?

    Cool! So the wires coming out of the cuddy are for charging the battery and the line running to the motor is going through the hull? What motor did you choose? Thanks for the advice!
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    Question  Trolling motor?

    We have a Capri 14.2 and need some advice to aid docking… Any suggestions for a trolling motor, battery, and mounting?