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  1. sadkins372

    Smaller arm Harken swivel mainsheet cleat

    I tried a Harken 205 on my Sunfish and did not care for it. It was clunky when I tacked and would sometimes not swivel around, causing more issues than it helped with. It may work ok if you sit further back in the cockpit.
  2. sadkins372

    Expired 14ft AMF Alcort Sunfish

    The last two numbers of the Hull ID will tell you the year. It is on the stern where I pointed an arrow. It’s probably around 1974-1976 based on the block for the halyard near where the mast goes. Some 1976’s have the block and others like my 1976 has a bullseye fairlead. My 1976 looks just like...
  3. sadkins372

    2023 World Championship

    Other than JP’s bullseye pulling out how did the new boats perform?
  4. sadkins372

    2023 World Championship

    Did JP have one of the new chartered boats?
  5. sadkins372

    Laser Performance Point Of Contact?

    I sent them a FB msg in early March letting them know they have the Sunfish sail area incorrect. They responded promptly and said they would fix it. However their page still says the sail area is 60 sf. Apparently it is a reefed version
  6. sadkins372

    Lee Montes: Video from the 2021 Sunfish Worlds

    Great video. The perfectionists do not like sloppy shaky videos, but the live in the middle of the race action is awesome. Thanks Lee! I’m not sure where the crash was.
  7. sadkins372

    Where was this Sunfish Made?

    We want to see some pics of your tricked out Sunfish. I know LP raised the attachment point of the hiking strap (not sure of year). This year they announced they are moving it back down. This was announced shortly after this poll on FB. US Sunfish Class | HIKING STRAP MOUNTING HEIGHT:
  8. sadkins372

    Harken Hoisters

    Install the first Harken Hoister and see how it goes, then decide on whether to buy a second one. I purchased one and installed it in the back of our garage, perpendicular to the direction are cars drive into the garage. We did not have the ceiling height to install above the garage door. This...
  9. sadkins372

    Right On Trailer?

    Get a dolly made specifically for a Sunfish. A Laser dolly will work just as well. Please do not get a random dolly based on my experience. I started with one of those center point dollies and reaggravated my back pain. I had to lift the front of the boat up and ask someone else place the thing...
  10. sadkins372

    Question What is the fastest a Sunfish can go?

    I asked this question a couple of years ago and found this post on FB saying they hit 14.5 knots (16.69 mph). The fastest I have personally recorded is 12.8 mph. US Sunfish Class | Florida Region Championship ⛵️
  11. sadkins372

    Part came out

    What year is your Sunfish? I think they started including an eyestrap in front of the daggerboard in the early 1980’s. I have a 1986 and will look to see how it is fastened.
  12. sadkins372

    Should the Sunfish Class allow VHF Radios? - What if Andre did not rescue Bob Findlay?

    I was not at the 2023 Midwinters. But at the 2022 Midwinters it was a very long sail from the gulf through the Clearwater channel to the bay where the sailing club was located. In my opinion this is where the largest risk is because at Clearwater there were no support boats for the sail to and...
  13. sadkins372

    Should the Sunfish Class allow VHF Radios? - What if Andre did not rescue Bob Findlay?

    Where radios have been allowed I have not heard chatter except for the RC communicating with the boat setting up or moving marks. The only communication from competitors has been to let RC know they were retiring. I will continue to carry a radio and keep it off for Sunfish class events unless...
  14. sadkins372

    Right On Trailer?

    Good to hear your good experience. Do you have the rack for a second boat? Sorry for the pains to get a license. PA is difficult as well.
  15. sadkins372

    Right On Trailer?

    I have been shopping for a used 2-3 boat trailer for our Sunfish. I see a few options, but thinking about buying a new Right On dolly trailer with a rack. Thoughts and experiences? Is the 31.2” spacing of the rack enough? This is not quite as long as the cockpit. I found an advert for Alcort...
  16. sadkins372

    Question about spars

    Here is a nice video showing Sunfish part names.
  17. sadkins372

    Question about spars

    The lower boom should have two boom blocks. This should be the boom in your photo with the gooseneck attached. The other pipe looks like it is the upper boom, which should not have any blocks. If you look for a recent post here titled "New Sunfish Rigging Manual" by cmac233 it should show how...
  18. sadkins372

    Should the Sunfish Class allow VHF Radios? - What if Andre did not rescue Bob Findlay?

    ARTHUR B. HANSON RESCUE MEDAL AWARDED TO ANDRE PATIN Way to go Andre Patin, along with John Porter!. I am fairly new to the Sunfish Class and Bob Findley has been so helpful and welcoming to my wife and I. It would have been a tragedy to loose him on June 11, 2023 if Andre had not retired and...
  19. sadkins372

    New Sunfish Rigging Manual

    Thanks Chris. This is helpful and I will share with our Sunfish fleet. Let us know when an update is available correcting a few items.
  20. sadkins372

    Vevor Boat Trailer - Use as a Sunfish dolly?

    I have one and it is a pain. It worked ok (a temporary fix) after I changed out two of the rubber pads that marked up my Sunfish and would not allow it to slide. Then I found a good used Seitech dolly and realized how difficult the Vevor dolly was. Recently got another Sunfish and tried using...