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  1. mixmkr

    Stainless vs. Aluminum Pop Rivets Question

    And your home depot rivet gun will whimper. Alum in alum...stainless in stsinless...
  2. mixmkr

    Epoxy vs THIXO

    My duct tape is sitting in the corner on the sure looks like it's not happy. :-(
  3. mixmkr

    Question Does anyone know the gel coat tint color for certain year boats, specifically a 2006, Thanks !

    Colors will never match unless you end at edges, etc. Color matching is a skill and I'd do the best you can starting with pure white and SLOWLY adding color pigments to tint....and hopefully be happy with your result. This is the reason an auto body shop will repaint an entire section, door...
  4. mixmkr

    No such thing as a dumb question..

    If you bonded parts together with epoxy, the bond should be stronger than the individual parts. I'd be comfortable without nails...which btw would hold much less than screws. Move on to your next step and refill your root beer.
  5. mixmkr

    When Is It Time To Throw In The Towel?

    The bondo glass is more for rough filling and already has short strands of fiberglass in it. It may be hard to smooth to factory finish and won't reliably patch holes larger than a dime. Don't thicken your resin...some brands may slightly very...with temps possibly contributing. You're on the...
  6. mixmkr

    Herb B Sails

    There used to be a "Judy B" sails. I believe she worked at a larger well known loft....cant remember which one. That's who made my stars and stripes sail. Seems she stopped her side gig...retired..or?
  7. mixmkr

    updates on the "modern" Sunfish sail

    I made this mess. Too sloppy to make any real evaluation as I butchered an old sail, which you can see. I was going to make a better one this last winter....with new sailcloth..but...ya know how that plans out sometimes. Bought some black Dacron sailcloth and have clear, reinforced mylar for...
  8. mixmkr

    To gelcoat or not to gelcoat, that is the question

    Those Pettit products will work great. Put the epoxy on as smooth as possible. You could also probably get by with 2 coats vs the xtra coats they might recommend. Get a quart of Vivid. Bright colored bottom paint!
  9. mixmkr

    To gelcoat or not to gelcoat, that is the question

    No brand of paint (unless antifouling) will survive underwater for 4 months. You might consider coating the bottom (and might as well do the sides too) with an epoxy (West Systens, etc) and pick a thin, Teflon paint like VC17m for antifoiling. The VC17m can be as slick as the surface it's...
  10. mixmkr

    SOL boat?

    I like the idea of the bigger cockpit...but sometimes I like to sit on the "transom" and butt steer...which isnt an option on in the end, the jury is still out. I DO like the flag design. Looks sleek.
  11. mixmkr

    Tiller ext universal connector/joint

    How often are you all replacing the little black rubber universal joint on the tiller extensions? Seems they ought to last more than a couple seasons, even when protected from UV by a cover when not sailing. The person that invents a flexible rubber that doesnt break....of course when in...
  12. mixmkr

    Summer Sailing forum here! :-D
  13. mixmkr

    Attaching front handle?

    I made a hole in the bottom, put in an aluminum backer plate and now I lift by the handle with zero fears of it pulling out. My preference was to patch a hole basically no one would ever see...including myself and my '69 fish still remains "port-less" on its' topsides. Btw...did the same for...
  14. mixmkr

    Question: brown stains on hull

    Toilet bowl cleaner
  15. mixmkr

    Freak sail update

    Oh....great idea!
  16. mixmkr

    Freak sail update

    Full battens are next on this practice sail. I have one you see...but the bottom one would need a 9 footer...too long For UPS. West says they have 9 footers they can ship...or I can splice two together. It was windy yesterdsy...anchored my boat to the trailer...and anchored the trailer...and...
  17. mixmkr

    Freak sail update

    The upper roach is 30 mil window scraps...but I wanted thst a little extra stiff. Actually quality clear vinyl is more costly than Dacron, with the exception of reslly cheap stuff. Tyvek is too fragile for 20kts, for sure. Gooseneck change...I tack enough jt wouldnt matter.
  18. mixmkr

    Freak sail update

    Not totally happy. I took the draft completely out...and the roach is a tad floppy. Very top needs a batten or something to keep the curve out. I made a "sleeve" for the upper spar and the foot is loose footed. One issue I kept running into was the old sail I was using...I hadn't really used...
  19. mixmkr

    How to proceed - Gelcoat vs Paint over fairing

    Ive always believed gelcoat will stick to any epoxies, but it is a mechanical bond....meaning the gelcoat needs to physically grab the surface it is being applied to, to stick. Thats why a decent grit sandpaper (min #220...but #120 even better) is used to scuff up the prepped surface; to create...
  20. mixmkr

    How to proceed - Gelcoat vs Paint over fairing

    After bottom sanding a 40 footer (and painting) "zen" is hearing; "check is in the mail!"