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    Zuma boom length

    Try Masthead Sailing now in Sarasota, FL. Masthead Enterprises Home Page Probably not in stock but they may be able to make one.
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    Plastic washers

    Check your e-mail.
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    WTB: Sunfish Mast Phili/NJ/CT/RI/MA.

    I have masts available. Located in northern Rhode Island.
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    Boom end caps (Different Styles)

    Change in vendors suppling the part is my guess, but LP did not change part number.
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    Plastic washers

    Photos added…
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    RHODE ISLAND Phantom Cockpit Bailer

    I have new Phantom sailboat cockpit bailers available for $10 each. These are complete except for screws to fasten. I’ll include the screws for $5 extra. Buy 1 for $10, 2 for $18, 3 for $24, 4 for $28, 5 for $30. Need more, inquire about bulk pricing. Shipping available. Can also be used to...
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    RHODE ISLAND Plastic washers

    I have a set of new rudder and tiller plastic washers for the sunfish sailboat or Phantom sailboat. $2 for all 4 washers. Large diameter are rudder washers and smaller diameter for the tiller. These are brand new. Shipping and handling available for $2 for one set (4 washers).
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    Phantom 14 Rudder Needed

    I have the rudder head (cheek) and tiller with tiller extension. Just need a rudder blade. See PM.
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    Question Halyard rigging question…

    You can use a stainless steel hose clamp to mount the cleat. I'd probably use a thin rubber material or tape to help prevent corrosion just like the gooseneck. The truckers hitch idea will not reduce the load on the deck fairlead but gives you a 2:1 ratio when tightening the halyard. However...
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    Boom length Zuma

    Thank you very much!
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    Zuma boom length

    Does anyone here have a Zuma besides their Laser? I need the length of the boom and where the blocks and hardware go as I plan to make a Zuma boom from the upper mast of a Laser.
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    Boom length Zuma

    Does anyone here have a Zuma besides their Sunfish? I need the length of the boom and where the blocks and hardware go as I plan to make a Zuma boom from the upper mast of a Laser.
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    Need to remove the deck off of a rolled deck sunfish

    In the early days of Sunfish, a crew performing warranty repairs on waterlogged Sunfish would separate the hull and deck. Lift up the edges as much as possible; and replace the wet foam. Then reseal everything up. In this repair situation out in the field, the bond was most likely not as good as...
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    RHODE ISLAND New Minifish Sails

    I have new Minifish sails available. Current stock is a Blue Wave color scheme and Dragon color scheme. All sails have logo, vision window and stainless steel grommets. Shipping available. $175 each.
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    RHODE ISLAND Sunfish rudder parts NEW

    I have new sunfish rudder parts for sale. Can ship for shipping costs. Tension springs, 2 pcs. $18 Tension spring post, aluminum $10 Gudgeon, stainless steel $25 Daggerboard brass spring $6 I have other parts as well, please inquire, including compression spring, back up plates, tiller...
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    RHODE ISLAND New Sunfish Tiller Straps

    I have a set of new aluminum 1/4” thick tiller straps for a Sunfish sailboat. Includes bolts and plastic washers. These will also fit Force 5, Escape sailboats and Zuma sailboats. Can be shipped for shipping costs.
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    RHODE ISLAND Deck drain plug replacement

    I have a nylon hex head bolt that replaces your lost bronze plug for the old style deck drain fitting. Comes with o-ring. Can ship for shipping cost.
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    RHODE ISLAND Deck drain

    I have two original bronze deck drain plugs. These are the style without a flange. One is complete with fitting, plug and retaining chain. This one is $15. I also have one that is missing the chain/retainer. This one is $10. Can ship for shipping cost.
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    RHODE ISLAND New Interlocking eye bolts

    New stainless steel interlocking eye bolts. Can ship for shipping cost. Comes with lock nuts.
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    RHODE ISLAND New Gooseneck

    New bronze gooseneck. Stainless steel bolt. Can ship for shipping cost.