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    Gelcoat repair

    I am going to repair some scratches in the bottom of my laser. I was wondering if white gelcoat would match well with a 2008 laser color.
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    4.7 vs Radial/Full

    i was about 100 when i started 4.7's and it was really hard in wind but he will learn how to sail a laser well.
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    4.7 vs Radial/Full

    I personally came out of optis we have bics at our club and i now sail lasers. 4.7 is the way to go i sailed one for a while despite not having to race against and in breeze you can easily keep up with the radials upwind and they teach how to sail a laser well. Open bics would be a waste because...
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    Is laser the best boat for my stats?

    i would say finn if you live in a lighter wind area
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    Radial outhaul setting different on each tack?

    Make sure the sail at the top is straight with the gooseneck going back.
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    Newbie Laser Sailer, mast step question...

    It is meant to be like that; looks fine.
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    Novel use for a Laser sail. . .

    Why did she have a laser sail with her?
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    to be class legal does the lower mast have to have the laser sticker?
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    what era is your laser?

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    what sail?

    I'm 14 and weigh 100 pounds and am 5'4" tall. I am looking at buying a laser should i get a 4.7 rig or a radial? I will be racing.
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    laser advice

    Is it worth paying $5250 for a 1999 laser that has been used 5 days and has a trailer and dolly?
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    Check out this boat I'm looking at buying

    i looked up sail numbers and the oldest i found was 1977 for a higher sail number so this one must be older.
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    Sailing Temperature

    We use the 120 rule of adding the temp of the water and the temp of the air. If the sum is <120 then you have to wear a drysuit or wetsuit
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    advice--Optimist or 4.7?

    I am 13 years old and will be 14 for next summer sailing season. Should i get an optimist to sail for 2 summers or get a laser 4.7 and i am 85 pounds.
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    XD or race

    Which would you recommend getting for somebody who is gonna race the laser a lot
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    New laser in 10 days - transport questions

    do you sail out of the ryc