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    Help! Brass wood screws

    I would of done the same thing.
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    Too heavy for Sunfish?

    I'm thinking a "swim ladder" off the transom would be ideal. I'd prefer it to disappear when I don't need it, and for it to be there when I do. I guess I'm looking for a bit of magic. I have never been able to choose which side of the boat to exit from, my main concern is getting back on board.
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    Too heavy for Sunfish?

    I'm a new old guy here, and not in the best of health. I'm looking for suggestions on the better ways to climb back in after a dunking, capsize. 40 years ago I had no problem, that's not so true now. Thanks all.
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    been throwing this together.....its a 74....

    Witch paddle did you get from West? I like the fact that "it fits perfect in the aft storage ".
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    DIY unistrut dolly build

    Do you have the measurements/dimensions? I'd like to copy your build. Thanks.
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    Rigging question

    West Coast Sailing tuned me up Thank you.
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    Replacing the deck drain

    Where did you get your replacement deck drain assembly and did it have 2 pins and holes or 3? Thanks
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    Rigging question

    Does anyone have a good source for a new line set for a old sunfish? I'd like to get the main sheet with the clip spliced in and a halyard. I'd also like to have it in color, blue. Thanks to all.