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  1. Wavedancer

    Best way to leave a Laser at a dock?

    It happened again; I left my Laser tied to a cleat on a dock in relatively light (5-10 mph), but shifty, wind. I was hot and thirsty and wanted to take a 15 minute break. I looked back at the boat from time to time; she swung back and forth, but eventually capsized even though the sheet was...
  2. Wavedancer

    MARYLAND QuikGrip (to carry rudder + daggerboard)

    Straps to carry rudder + blade and daggerboard (made by Quik Skins) I got this quite some time ago, but never used it. I hope that someone can use this. Cost = $1 + shipping I hope the images will explain what this is. Please send me a Private Message for further info.
  3. Wavedancer

    America's Cup

    No, I don't have that one, but I do have a slew of trophies from minor league regattas. Thoughts on what to do with them? I would prefer to see them go to a 401c3 program, but other suggestions are welcome.
  4. Wavedancer

    2018 Worlds; Wrightsville Beach NC; Oct 7-12

    Who is up to the challenge? Registration is now open to all. All you need to do is bring a (legal) Sunfish and a desire to sail with the very best and learn from them. One can also charter a boat. All will be using a brand new (colorful?) sail; no need to bring your own. 2018 ISCA World...
  5. Wavedancer

    Medal races Sailing World Championship

    Well worth watching. Lots of breeze, especially in the early part of the Laser Mens race. Someone even capsized (but prior to the start).
  6. Wavedancer

    2018 Sunfish North Americans

    Very strong field; no doubt to the fact that this championship counts as a qualifier for the Pan Am games. One, to me at least, unexpected participant is Annie Haeger, a US Olympian in the 470 class (2016). Among many honors, she was the 2015 Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year. After the first two...
  7. Wavedancer

    2018 Laser (high wind?) Slalom

    I loved the old videos and read yesterday that the 2018 slalom has just concluded. Here is a link to some video: Results have been posted as well: 2018 Laser Slalom A report would be great as well (Emilio: please, please).
  8. Wavedancer

    Lasers on a lunch break

    In Vasiliki (Greece)
  9. Wavedancer

    Roll tacking a Sunfish

    Does anyone have a link to some video? Advice on how to do this and a discussion of whether this is helpful racing upwind would be welcome as well. PS: I have seen plenty of video on how this is done in a Laser. Thanks!
  10. Wavedancer

    2018 Masters and Midwinters

    Any reports, news or scandals :eek:? Fake news is OK as well these days... International Sunfish Class Association
  11. Wavedancer

    Capital City Laser Regatta March 24 & 25, 2018

    This typically is a low-key event, although with high-energy Laser sailors one can never be sure. ;) For more info, please follow the link:
  12. Wavedancer

    Sad News

    Victor Manning (Vic) died in his sleep earlier this week. He had been President of the International Sunfish Class Association for a number of years and supported many other sailing activities as well, especially those around Austin TX where he lived. I met him (and his wife Patricia) several...
  13. Wavedancer

    Che si dice?

    What's up with the Italian Laser Class? Apparently, the organization was booted from ILCA! Changes in ILCA District Association of Italy and San Marino – International Laser Class Association
  14. Wavedancer

    I suck

    in waves. More than 90% of the time I sail in relatively flat water and can keep up with the mid-fleet gang. But when I travel to a 'bigger' event and there happen to be waves (1 ft and up) I struggle and end up near the bottom. You will say 'spend more time practicing', but my local waters...
  15. Wavedancer

    If you like racing...

    you will like the video from the last day of the Star Sailors League finals SSL Finals 2017 - Replay - Final Day - 1/4, 1/2 and final race No need to watch the whole three + hours; the final race (4 boats only) starts around 2h 50 min. PS: Laser sailors rule!
  16. Wavedancer

    Full-rig Laser sail

    Legal; no holes or tears. Mark I Not for an Olympian, but fine for casual or club sailing. $50 + shipping Will accept PayPal
  17. Wavedancer

    Your chance for glory!

    The Sunfish Worlds has been opened up to all (members of the Sunfish class): International Sunfish Class Association
  18. Wavedancer

    Sunfish Nationals 2017

    Turned out to be a windy one. Alonso Collantes, the current World Champion, was the winner after a good battle with Paul-Jon Patin (former Class president). Doug Kaukeinen and Richard Chapman weren't far behind. Here is a link to the nice write-up: International Sunfish Class Association PS: I...
  19. Wavedancer

    Sunfish Nationals 2017

    It was windy! 2017 Sunfish North American Championship - sycphotos
  20. Wavedancer

    Did he, or didn't he? World Cup Laser medal race

    This past Sunday, I was watching the Laser medal race from the World Cup Hyeres event. Here is the link: At the end of the first leg, Tom Burton is leading by just a bit. In my eyes, he appears to touch the mark while rounding, but he may not have noticed. No penalty taken or given. It's...