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  1. douglas_zargham

    omg a sunfish for sale in the neighborhood...

    so there's a third sunfish i could buy in the 'hood. do i need a third, even though nobody sails with me? its yellow, from the 70's and its soooooooooo beautiful. i could sell my red one!? or make a triple decker for my double decker trailer. or just buy the part$$$$$$ to make it...
  2. douglas_zargham

    seitech dolly comparison

    I picked up a seitech dolly off of craigslist yesterday for my sunfishes. But its a laser dolly. Is there any reason I should engineer a trade for a sunfish Dolly (haven't tried it for for fit yet) or are they the same enough.
  3. douglas_zargham

    Here’s the Sailing Video the Olympics Doesn’t Want You to See

    funny irish guy narrating a race:
  4. douglas_zargham

    Sunfish Hull Repair

    below is a link to a video of a hull repair i made. i had purchased my second sunfish - a circa 1972 complete fish - in a garage sale up the street, took it out the following weekend only to discover a cheap repair masked a split in the hull at the keel under the cockpit after having it...
  5. douglas_zargham

    Tiller Stay

    anybody have a good suggestion for fashioning a simple tiller stay for a fish? i'm not necessarily looking to lock it in place, just to get some more resistance.