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  1. Stephen_Green

    Repair Laser cockpit drainer & hull bottom end (bailer) connection..

    Don't reuse the plastic bush, get a new brass one and the nut goes on the outside.
  2. Stephen_Green

    Tiller extension universal joint replacement

    Looks like the extension has had a section near the end rolled in to retain the insert. I think you need to cut the rolled part off the extension without cutting through the rubber, then pull out the broken joint. You will lose 10mm or so of the extension. Retain the new insert with a screw or...
  3. Stephen_Green

    Repair Do I need to mitigate hull crazing?

    I would be worried about the cracks that appear to be under the mast step. It suggests that reinforcing is needed in the base of the mast hole, especially if water leaks out of it
  4. Stephen_Green

    Question comparing bailer spring types

    Mine are now 17 yrs old and still fine. Yes, I've had the boat for 23yrs but I'm now 80 and and still a reasonable club sailor and keep saying 'I'll sail it for another year'
  5. Stephen_Green

    Laser Storage on hull straps, why Bad idea?

    The T bars on my trolley never fitted the hull properly, so I took them off. The 1986 boat has been sitting on the trolley like that for 15+ years with no deformation. It may be an issue with a new hull which may notbe fully cured
  6. Stephen_Green

    Replace broken gudgeon screw?

    Don't move the gudgeon, this will raise the iller and affect the rudder latch. Drill new holes in the gudgeon and boat; there is room for another 4 screws if needed.
  7. Stephen_Green

    Where to find Laser 2 bailer replacement?

    You're right, I saw the later reference to the 60 and had that in mind.
  8. Stephen_Green

    Where to find Laser 2 bailer replacement?

    Rooster also sell the gasket sets, but chute and gaskets get expensive
  9. Stephen_Green

    Where to find Laser 2 bailer replacement?

    Alternatively, as I look after our club dinghies including Toppers, and they got damaged when bringing the ashore with the bailer down, I have used a brass hinge to repair them
  10. Stephen_Green

    Where to find Laser 2 bailer replacement?

    They are /were used on Topper dinghies in UK and you can buy bits. Rooster sell the shute only for £11.84
  11. Stephen_Green

    Water in my Laser Hull

    If the boat is old, check the rear bottom of the centreboard case for wear and leaks; I have repaired two boats with this
  12. Stephen_Green

    Laser repair question

    I bought my 1986 Laser used about 20 years ago. Soon after I removed the gunwale supports as they didn't fit the hull. After 20 seasons , there are no indentations at all. I think that these may occur on new hulls that are not fully cured but it has not been a problem for me, and it's easier...
  13. Stephen_Green

    Foiling thoughts

    Sail no is 32xxx, so it's not worth anything. Ebay has several abandoned hulls listed, so perhaps we could start a new class????!
  14. Stephen_Green

    Foiling thoughts

    Hello, we have an abandoned hull at our club. Has anyone thought of attaching simple foils say, ahead of the centreboard and rudder. I know there are kits avalailabe , but that's not the point, is it? besides the cost Not for me; at 78, my balance is not as good as it was but I can still manage...
  15. Stephen_Green

    Buying new gear for Club Laser fleet

    I have made various mods for our club fleet which have all three rigs-. Loop of rope attached to the 4.7 clews so that the outhaul doesn't have to be adjusted radically Outhaul pulley at the gooseneck fitted with a hook to hook into the gooseneck hole; if it isn't at the top, drill another one...
  16. Stephen_Green

    Laser Tiller Repair - Help Needed!

    If someone crashed into the back of you, they are at fault; send them the bill
  17. Stephen_Green

    Electrolysis taking place upon Laser 1 spars?

    ...and don't forget to fill any redundant holes in the topmast with rivets or whatever so that it doesn't fill up when you capsize. Use only one rivet to hold the topmast collar if your current one has two. Difficult to do with the boom as you have to move the reinforcing sleeve.
  18. Stephen_Green

    Laser serial number - can this be true?

    With a boat that old, they probably made more by selling the bits rather than the whole boat, but were left with the hull. Time for the angle grinder!
  19. Stephen_Green

    Help! Where to find correct gel coat?

    I used a coloured chalk from an artist's supplier, then ground it to powder. They have a huge range of colours (or colors)
  20. Stephen_Green

    Hydrophobic mainsheet?

    ..and will probably make it slippery!!!!