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  1. J24 Mary

    New Hampshire sailing

    Hello all I’ve moved from RI to southern NH. Any suggestions on where to moor my J 24? Thanks Mary
  2. J24 Mary


    Thanks so much V, I had contacted Will Welles at North sails and got good advice, your picture is great, good advice about keeping the halyards aft of the spreaders! Mary
  3. J24 Mary


    I'm changing all of my halyards and desperately need a diagram of the mast slots/halyard location. I'm not sure they were properly rigged before. I got the main done ok.Anyone know where a diagram can be found? I also got stuck at the top slot. There are two sheaves, I attached the jib to the...
  4. J24 Mary

    J 24 repair Rhode Island

    thanks, Dean. Love to meet other J24 folks. I'd like to crew a bit and learn racing. I am in Plum Beach. I am going with International Marine in Bristol for repars. Waterline was not very responsive.
  5. J24 Mary

    Save it or strip it?

    Sorry to hear about your dreams going down the tubes. My experience has been that even small hull repairs can be a big pain. I have a '79 J24 and am looking for an old style companionway hatch slide if you have one to sell. best of luck, Mary
  6. J24 Mary

    J 24 repair Rhode Island

    Thanks, Dean, I'm big on DIY. The insurance company totaled her so I need to get repairs signed off to get insured again (picture attached.) I was in touch with Waterline today. Would love some other names around RI. thanks, Mary
  7. J24 Mary

    J 24 repair Rhode Island

    Does anyone have recommendations for quality repair for a 1979 J 24 in Rhode island? thanks, Mary