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  1. kentth

    De-masted in Mission Bay 2013

    When my shroud broke, there was no damage to the mast. The foot bent and the screws pulled out of the deck. You might want to check an make sure that your foot plate is not thru bolted thru the deck. That way the screws will pull out, might not cause the amount of damaged you received. Kent
  2. kentth

    FAQ: What Should I Do To Prevent Turtling?

    I had mine get stuck in the mud once, actually rolled while under full sail, but that is another story. I was able to go under, get all of the lines loose from the cleats, there might even be an air pocket under the boat. You have to be careful of getting tangled in the lines. I was then...
  3. kentth

    replace clam cleat with cam cleat for outhaul

    When I was at National's a couple of years ago, I noticed a number of people had replaced the clam cleat on the boom with a cam cleat for the outhaul. My clam cleat has been not holding, so I am considering putting in a cam cleat. Has anybody made this transition, and if so what cam cleat have...
  4. kentth

    Have you named your boat?

    My boats name is "La Baignoire" Bathtub in french. I like to race, my club used be mainly dinghy's, snipes, day sailors,fly scouts, etc. actually had three or four different fleets. As the members aged,they moved to cruisers. Catalina and Hunter 21 up to 25. Since we normally don't have...
  5. kentth

    Mod2 - New Owner - Bottom Paint and Crack Repair Questions

    If you are not keeping the boat in the water all the time, or if you are, and don't mind pulling it out every so often and wash it off, I won't worry about painting it. My dad had a cruiser, and it was a real hassle to have to scrape off the old paint, and then re-paint it. At least with the...
  6. kentth

    Looking for a Capri 14.2 club in San Diego, Ca

    Check out the one at the Mission Bay Yacht club. In 2011 the admiral and I happened to be in San Diego for a convention, when the Capri nationals were being held at the MBYC. We pulled up to the gate, pushed the button, told them who we were. They welcomed us with open arms. They have a...
  7. kentth

    this seems like a pretty good deal...

    The shrouds were not covered in plastic. The force of the gust and the wind changing from coming over the starboard stern to the port of the boat, so quickly, caused the boat to jib, wiped the boom across the boat. The force of the boom and sail coming across, so quickly, and with the amount...
  8. kentth

    this seems like a pretty good deal...

    I have boat 108, found it at a rummage sale, they wanted $500 for, but said it didn't have a tiller. I looked it over, talked to the Admiral about it, got her OK, and offered them $200, since it didn't have a tiller. It had the original running rigging and everything else was good. Gave the guy...
  9. kentth

    Help for uprighting a capsized Catalina 14

    My first time over, the bungee on the center board broke. Which meant the center board retracted completely up into the boat. Mine had completely turtled and at one of the more shallow sections of the lake. The mast was just stuck in the mud. I had to go under the boat, un-stick the mast...
  10. kentth

    Newbie question - can I step mast with boat in water dockside

    Glad it worked out for you...I have never had it go on over, since I have the mast attached to the step and the side stays attached. Normally it goes right up sets down in the step and is stationary. Have never had it try to go over forward. Again glad it worked you sell for you. Kent
  11. kentth

    Check your hardward and rigging

    I drill a pilot hole and self tapping stainless steel. Have never used Loctite, I just check the screws and make sure they stay tight. Kent
  12. kentth

    Newbie question - can I step mast with boat in water dockside

    I have not tried to step mast while in the water, but I have gotten real good at stepping it by myself while on the trailer. The main problem I could see would be keeping your balance. Here is how I solo step it, while on the trailer. Attache mast to to the step bracket, with the bolt...
  13. kentth

    Whisker Pole Eye Pad

    I have an eye, that I mounted 36" off of the deck on the bow side of the mast. I then hook the whisker pool into that eye. I believe I purchased the eye from Wet marine. Kent
  14. kentth

    Fleet 15 Saint Louis Still Active ?

    Paul: I have a Mod 1 and live in Muncie. We are going to be having races up here ever other weekend. First race will be Memorial Day. You are more then welcome to come up and race. Kent
  15. kentth

    Making the rudder easier to lift & more likely to stay up

    I normally just loosen it enough, so there is still a little resistance and pull it up. Once I pull it up I tighten it back, but not completely, unless I need to drop it quickly. Kent
  16. kentth

    Centerboard hard to lower & raise

    on my mod 1 has a line with a cam cleat going down both sides of boat at the point where the seat meets bottom. I presently have it covered in my back yard, but I will try to get the ice and snow off the cover and take a picture of it for you. I have no problems with my center board going up...
  17. kentth

    Tips for New Single Hander

    I probably solo my boat more then I have crew. The only exception from Ed, is that I Gybe and Tack the same way. As I am coming across, I am releasing the old working jib sheet and once on the other side the first thing I do is lock in the new working jib sheet. I also sail with the...
  18. kentth

    Fraying Lines

    I usually put an end splice on the end of all my ropes. . Takes a little time, but it really works and looks really neat and clean. Kent
  19. kentth

    2011 Nationals

    The Admiral and I arrived in San Diego late afternoon on the Saturday of the Nationals. After finding the MBYC, ringing the bell, the gate was opened and we found the whole group on the back porch of the club. We were welcomed with open arms, never meet a more friendly group of people...
  20. kentth

    Floor Strength

    I have not had any problems with the floor strength with my 14.2. It is hull 108. I have stood on it numerous times when not on the water. Kent