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    Mast Weight

    Does anyone know the weight of a Sunfish mast? The mast alone, not the spars. Thanks, Aurel
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    Inspection Ports

    John, Thanks, I just want to install a pair (aft of cockpit and aft of coaming) to help keep things aired out inside. I won't need to remove them. 5200 it is. Thanks Aurel
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    Inspection Ports

    Hi All. What's the best thing to seat an inspection port in? Silicon? Thickened Epoxy? 3M 5200? Thanks Aurel
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    Sunfish Bible

    I believe there's two copies on ebeay right now
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    rub rail

    Is the rub rail (older aluminum style) on a fish structural at all? I am considering removing mine 'cause it's pretty beat -up and was toying with the idea of using automotive door edge guard. It has a heavy duty butyl adhesive and you just pry it on and stick it in place. There is a...