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  1. Keukasail

    Question Sailing New London CT: will it kill me?

    Haven't laughed so hard in a while. thanks for the entertaining speculation! (Doubt that the subs will notice as you sail by)
  2. Keukasail

    Question Mast step damage

    never would have thought of that...that it just fits...thanks.
  3. Keukasail

    Question Mast step damage

    thanks....seems like a stupid question but turning the boat upside down and scrubbing out the cavity becomes a bit tedious....thought I'd see what others do, if anything. Happy sailing!
  4. Keukasail

    Question  Mast step damage

    I worry that accumulated sand and small stones may be damaging my mast step when I repeatedly insert my mast and sail. How do I prevent this and keep the step clean. Thanks for any suggestions.
  5. Keukasail

    Leak testing/sealing

    best to create at least two inspection ports, one at each end, so you can use a small fan to force the moist air out of the hull.
  6. Keukasail

    What life jacket to wear?

    Never had trouble with the boom catching my PFD, but the sheet YES...constantly an issue unless I kept the sheet very tight while tacking. Adding a couple of duct tape sleeves on the boom to keep the sheet tight against the boom while tacking made all the difference.
  7. Keukasail

    First sail of 2021

    58 degree water here in upstate NY...bad for a swim. l'd only go out in wind so weak the sail would be boring. Another month I guess. She wants to go out, but I'm the coward.
  8. Keukasail

    Battened Hiking Pants?

    'Scuttlebutts' seems self-descriptive, but on second thought not sure whether that means rough or smooth!
  9. Keukasail

    Battened Hiking Pants?

    thanks for that advice. I'm an old guy more into cruising than stability beats speed of movement for me. Can't wait to get out on the water for the new season!
  10. Keukasail

    Battened Hiking Pants?

    I've had a problem with slippery shorts on the the battened pants have a coarse weave so as to avoid that problem?
  11. Keukasail

    Turtle Prevention

    I'll be teaching my 6 year-old grandson to sail on my Sunfish this year. Our first 'lesson' will be capsizing, so this guidance on preventing turtlling is especially useful to me. Righting the boat will be hard enough for him without having to deal with the challenges of a turtle!
  12. Keukasail

    Turtle Prevention

    One more suggestion...practice capsizing in low wind it intentionally by shifting your weight or having a friend help capsize the boat...hold off on waiting for strong winds until you are confident in your ability to right the boat by yourself. Baby steps at first.
  13. Keukasail

    Turtle Prevention

    I did practice capsizing a couple of summers ago, and found it quite easy to slide off the leeward side, hang on to the boat, quickly move around the stern to windward, step on the daggerboard, right the boat sliding on as she rights, in time to prevent a turtle. Need to be quick, but no need...
  14. Keukasail

    Long distance sailing

    sounds overly ambitious....but glad you will have pre-planned stops so you can abort when your back gives out!
  15. Keukasail

    A sail is not a sail...

    Question: Did you remove the sail from the boom to repair the holes? Having trouble doing that...use a special tool to free the sail from the boom? Pretty tight! Thanks. Keukasail Fred
  16. Keukasail

    Sunfish, Laser, or Force 5?

    I'm an old 75 year old codger who loves his Sunfish in most wind conditions...easy to spill wind during gusts...a very forgiving little lady. Enjoy.