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    2022 ILCA 4 Sailed 5 times

    Question, do you know if the mast sections are the same as for a an ILCA 6 ? A 6 would require a different boom but curious if the mast components are the same. Thanks
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    Agree with all above. We acquired what we believe to be a ~ 71 last summer. It came with a new sail from Intensity. Over the winter I sanded down the centerboard and rudder, re-stained and sealed...looks classic as it should. These boat are virtually indestructible so odds a are yours is quite...
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    Racing circuits/programs in the mid south

    Look at Grand Lake Yacht Club at Grand Lake NW OK. I am in Denver but daughter lives in NW ARK so I am always looking for sailing venues. They look to have a good sailing program and race ILCA/Lasers.
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    Spars, Sail and Misc. Parts for Very Early Sailfish

    The rudder hardware reminds me of a vintage Sunfish I acquired through a "yard find". Complete overhaul on it; bottom paint, cockpit, buffed out the deck to its original green with which racing stripe. Sanded and re-stained rudder, center board. New sail and rigging. The rudder hardware was...
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    Denver Area Sunfish sailors

    Thanks, Bassbug. I will mark it in the calendar.
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    ILCA/Laser to RS Aero

    Thanks monkey_feet. I will let you know if I make it to Dallas. Appreciate the invite. My linked in attached Happy Holidays, Eric
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    ILCA/Laser to RS Aero

    Thanks, Monkey-feet. Due to a schedule conflict I was not able to come down to the Wurstfest where I thought I could check out the Aero given the number of boats in the area. I have yet to see one in person as not any I can find in CO. The ILCA fleet here seems to be dwindling in participation...
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    ILCA/Laser to RS Aero

    Thanks, DWD. Great info. I share similar sentiments. The Aero looks like a pretty cool boat but there are more ILCA's in our area of the country. We bought a Sunfish this summer so our grandkids can learn to sail (had an amazing end of season last weekend here in Denver) so I raced it some this...
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    ILCA/Laser to RS Aero

    Thanks, Torrid. Appreciate the info. Cheers !
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    ILCA/Laser to RS Aero

    Thanks, Wavedancer. Appreciate your feedback. More than likely I will go with a Laser as there are more in Colorado racing. Despite there being a number of Sunfish in the state no one races them so in any regatta I am portsmouth with a mis-mash of boats. Besides we picked up a Sunfish for the...
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    ILCA/Laser to RS Aero

    Has anyone on the board moved into an RS Aero and if so; (1) your impression of the boat (2) is a fleet building within close proximity so you can class race. (3) If new where did you buy your boat from and would you recommend them. (4) was it shipped to you and if so did that work ok. Reason...
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    Question What is the fastest a Sunfish can go?

    Not sure the actual speed but in a broad reach planing skipping across the whitecaps on the edge of disaster was quite a ride. Spent about 4 hours on the water that day. Was too fun to come in but exhausted from hanging on and hiking !
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    Denver Area Sunfish sailors

    I sailed on a Tornado a few summers back in NH. Pretty sure we were clocking 30 knts +. I was flying the trap and getting blasted by the spray. Skipper said was the fastest he'd been on it in a long time. We were definitely haul'n some mail. Great fun.
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    Denver Area Sunfish sailors

    Thanks, drop me a note when you come down Chatfield and perhaps I can bring my Sunfish over and go for a sail. Chatfield is about 15 mins from home. Really trying to get some traction with CO Sunfish folks so we can get some fleet racing in. Cheers
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    Wolfeboro, NH Sunfish

    Thanks, that could work. We were looking for one of the last two weeks of July which is our typical timeframe to vacation in the area. We typically go the the Lake Sunapee but with the expanding grandkid crew we need a bigger place which seem to be more prevalent at Winnie. Headcount is 5 adults...
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    Wolfeboro, NH Sunfish

    Wanted to reach out to the community. A few weeks back there was a post from someone that lives in or around Wolfeboro, NH. Planning a family vacation for next summer at Lake Winnie and curious if there is a place to rent a Sunfish for the week. We sail a Sunfish and J22 here in CO but will be...
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    Denver Area Sunfish sailors

    Any Denver area Sunfish sailors race in any of the local series like Cherry Creek DSA, Chatfield, Union, Carter ? None of these seem to have a designated Sunfish class which probably means not enough participants. That puts the Sunfish in a Portsmouth rating going up against a mish-mash of other...
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    What trailer do people prefer these days?

    Tag, can you repost your instructions for building a PVC dolly. Many thanks
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    News Far East Boats Approved as ILCA Builder

    Might keep pricing competitive as well vs. one or two builders having pricing power