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  1. andyatos

    Odd stuff on a 2018 Sunfish

    Perfect. Thanks Alan! - Andy
  2. andyatos

    Odd stuff on a 2018 Sunfish

    Hi Alan! Nice find... and interesting placement for the forward end of that hiking strap. Where did that block and cam cleat with arm come from? Do you know who the manufacturer is and the model number? Cheers, - Andy
  3. andyatos

    Broken Tailbone (Keel/Transom)

    Me too. :cool: - Andy
  4. andyatos

    Question Mainsheet length and diameter for 2:1 …

    Last summer I installed 2 to 1 on my mainsheet. I was quite surprised just how much easier it was to sheet in. Like a toy. I usually sail with a nice, comfy 8 mm New England Ropes mainsheet. But with sheeting being so easy I ordered a 6 mm higher quality mainsheet. The 6 mm was tiny but...
  5. andyatos

    Hiding gelcoat repair

    I think you should try. Here's a couple of resources for you on matching gelcoat color. The first is, "There's A Hole In My Boat" 8 part series by Andy from Boatworks Today. The section on matching gelcoat color starts on the 5th video in the series. The second resource is a mere mortal...
  6. andyatos

    PICS I made a jib and it actually works

    Ingenious! :)
  7. andyatos

    Winter Sunfish Pics

    I think it's great. You can now legitimately rename your boat Ice Breaker! :D - Andy
  8. andyatos

    Reglassing The Entire Hull

    Got any pictures you can show us of your boat? Those crazy amount of cracks may just be the gelcoat surface. Cheers, - Andy
  9. andyatos

    The JMS project

    I love what appear to be halyard wear marks on the fairlead screwed to a bottom cap one. - Andy
  10. andyatos

    What trailer is this one?

    That trailer is a Teenee!! :D
  11. andyatos

    What trailer is this one?

    That trailer is a Beaut!! :cool:
  12. andyatos

    Match gel coat ‘79 Custom Edition?

    Matching the existing gelcoat color of your boat is... well... time consuming. Much more so than you would think. It's a classic example of, "Well, how hard could it be?" Here's a link to a post I did about the process of matching the color of the area around the bow of my Laser when I...
  13. andyatos

    The JMS project

    Love that rudder! :)
  14. andyatos

    Are there any SF dealers here?

    "Which way to Millinocket?" - Burt Dow
  15. andyatos

    Video: Towing Norcalsail 5 Miles With A Laser

    Due to the shape of the bay and the narrow entrance, swells from the ocean don't make it very far into the bay. So, those were 100% wind waves. And even though the fetch was pretty long, it wasn't blowing very hard. The tide had been going out for about an hour when we started the tow so...
  16. andyatos

    Vertical Rudder Version 2.0: Downhaul, Uphaul, No Springs

    Hello SC, hope all is well and you and Skipper are continuing to settle in to your new-ish locale. :) No, I didn't fiddle with a bungee downhaul at all. But it might not be a bad idea. Here's the Salty Tale (well, brackish actually) as to why. With the Navionics Boating App (NBA) on my...
  17. andyatos

    Vertical Rudder Version 2.0: Downhaul, Uphaul, No Springs

    Hi Tops, sorry... I saw your post not long after you posted it and meant to respond but got distracted and forgot. :rolleyes: Here's the answer to your question. Cheers, - Andy
  18. andyatos

    What about Flex Seal and similar Gorilla products?

    As Tops pointed out, there's Flex Tape. Position it carefully the first time though because as they say, "Once fully bonded, Flex Tape cannot be repositioned." I haven't used it but the if you want to remove it you need to use Flex Tape Adhesive Remover which is a spray. But this remover...
  19. andyatos

    Video: Towing Norcalsail 5 Miles With A Laser

    We have a post video request. It's the day I towed Norcalsail from Wall Beach (off of Hog Island) in Tomales Bay back to where we launched. Notice the fine bracing and steering technique used by Norcal. After observing his technique I knew he was an experienced Waterman and that we were going...
  20. andyatos

    Lee Montes: Tips for Sunfish sailing--video

    Ok. Shall I include the part where you fall overboard? :D - Andy