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    Need a Sunfish Mast

    You might look for a local junker SF on Craig's list, which might be less than a mast and shipping. Also, sometimes you'll just see the sail and booms for sale on CL or a similar on-line marketplace in your area.
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    Titling and Registering my Sunfish - 2 of them.

    Yep, they probably have it like this so in the wild chance some may have stolen a boat, it's their form of a dragnet (reason the court order in some places)... Like said before some states allow you to do very little paperwork (description and what the "value" is) and then they charge sales tax...
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    Launching ILCA with onshore wind

    This procedure could help. Be sure the rudder blade is tight in the head, so it stays up on its own when moving boat on the trolley (regardless of launching issues). Completely rig the boat with all controls set to sail the boat for the conditions and launch the boat so off the trolley in 2-3...