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    Barney post attachment for 14.2 Keel boat

    No, there seemed to be no metal, and there was no metal in the swarf of the drill bit. The drill went thru the fiberglass shell and the under core like butter. I did use a center punch to mark location and keep the bit from drifting. I did try to minimize the size of the drill diameter, so...
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    Save The mistress!

    Concerning your modification/addition of the jib line. It looks by the photo that you have one end of the line attached to the top attachment point of the highest hank-eye, then you run the line down thru each of the hanks, then back thru a clevis fitting, then back to the cock pit. By keeping...
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    Barney post attachment for 14.2 Keel boat

    Follow-up to this thread. I called Catalina Direct and spoke with their Technical rep. He told me I should screw the Barney post down with #12 Sheetmetal screws. I located Center line under the boom, and installed the post as directed by CD. Will see if it holds-up when I commission the...
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    Restoring a 14.2 fixed keel

    I know this post is fairly old (6 years), but I have some questions, as I am restoring a 14.2 Keel version. My boat is a 1997 14.2k that does not have a barney post installed, also no holes are evident in the sole that one was ever installed. If a post were to be added, then how is the best...
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    Barney post attachment for 14.2 Keel boat

    I have a 97 year Keel version of the Capri 14.2. From previous posts I have read on this forum, it looks to be a Mod 3, as it fits the window for model year, and it does not have the wood attachments for the top deck. My question is that my boat does not have a Barney Post installed. However, a...