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    Repairing leaky keel...

    I would air test. Grind out the bad spots and fix them. I would not cut large sections from the hull, too much work.
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    Greatest reply ever on the Repairing leaky keel...

    Greatest reply ever on the Repairing leaky keel...
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    raising rudder

    Water rat - what year is your boat as attachment will vary
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    loose block

    Had a boat that tied too tight and the block was loose after the tension was released. Put a port in. You will have a deck or hull flexing and if really loose they could rotate and tip over The blocks make the deck and hull ridged, they are not related to the backer blocks which are separate...
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    AMF Windflite leaking

    "you'll see that the cockpit and hull are tightly merged together—call it bonded—at that junction. Leaks shouldn't be possible at that site" 2004 Sunfish Worlds, the boats were leaking at this connection so bad, they had staff from Rhode Island factory there after the complaints. The boats...
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    AMF Windflite leaking

    Leak test
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    Starting at the BEGINNING

    Since your boat is dry and has passed the leak test. Spray some primer on the exposed resin and fiberglass for UV protection and go sailing. Finish your repairs after the season is over.
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    Mast / Deck cleat repair

    Pictures of the damaged area of the boat would help
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    Rope ladder for getting in

    Do you wear a good lifevest, that will float you higher and make getting in the boat easier.
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    Sunfish mast

    Early 80's, some sunfish were made with black anodized mast and booms. Looked pretty nice.
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    Thoughts on Bailer replacement

    The plastic bailers as beldar said are a huge improvement and they are durable. When you are out sailing in strong winds and big waves that are filling the cockpit it is nice to have a bailer that works at getting rid of the water. The old metal ones were ok but not great. If there is any wind I...
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    ok...I'm full of goofy qUesTIonS tonight..

    You should go to Sunfish regatta a regionals or na's. Hopefully one with a good breeze. I think you would see that even though a sunfish is a simple boat the racing is very competitive. There is nothing like sitting on a 70 boat starting line. The sailors are always willing to share information...
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    Daggerboard humming....kinda fixed

    The wood boards hum, usually slight imperfections, warped. When going fast they really hum, even pulled up some and that was a sign you were really moving, everyone after a race would tell how their board was humming. Easiest way is to replace with a new glass one. Foil shaped, longer, won't...
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    I did the dirty deed

    I would replace that mainsheet pulley with a ratchet. It takes a lot of the load off your hand.