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    Just an introduction...

    I got my basic keelboat certification at OCSC in Berkeley Marina. Wasn't much wind that week, which i am told is uncommon. I live near LA now, but come up there pretty often. Looks like a great area for sailing.
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    Thanks for the add-

    You made a good choice, they are very seaworthy. The first couple times out may be a rough, but sure it will all come back to you, if you sail enough. Good luck!
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    Small outboard motors on Capri 14.2

    I have a mount and a small Yamaha outboard, but I feel it interferes and she sails much better without it, so I have just gotten used to sailing without a motor, and just love it that way. Maybe a trolling motor is much lighter and would be less noticeable when sailing.
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    Thinking of purchasing a Hobie Holder 14

    My brother had a Holder 20, and it was a great boat. We sailed it all over, very seaworthy and fast.
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    Looking for cushions for my Capri 14.2

    Did you ever find anything for a reasonable price. I would like some too.
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    need suggestions on navigation lights for 14.2

    Thanks for the suggestion Skippers, I am going to go with the battery powered tri-color. That seems like a relativity simple solution, and more visible to other boaters. Although, I'll need to remember to turn it on before I step up the mast ;) I found this one that looks pretty good...
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    need suggestions on navigation lights for 14.2

    Hi: I have taken to night sailing, and would like to add some navigation lights on my 14.2. I don't mind running wires or adding a small battery etc. Has anyone added lights, and could you please share information on the topic. I am thinking that some of the newer LED lights would be the best...
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    Anyone else with a 14.2 in Santa Barbara?

    Hello, I am out of Thousand Oaks, and normally sail in Ventura Harbor, but have been hoping to try sailing in SB one of these weekends. You can reach me at [email protected] Thanks, Ray
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    Pictures - Floatation and the Inside

    I have the same type flotation in my Mod1 1988.
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    Replacement shrouds from Catalina

    Thanks, That's exactly what i needed to know!
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    Replacement shrouds from Catalina

    I just got my new shrouds from Catalina. They came with two screws and a bolt, but my olds one have 4 screws. Has anyone seen this before? The bolt does not fit through either of the old screw holes in the mast.
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    What to look for in a used Capri 14.2

    I will be taking a long drive to see an 88 "mod1" this weekend, and probably need to decide on the spot, because I don't want to drive back again. Any suggestions on what to inspect for before I buy. Does $900 seem reasonable for a 1988 without trailer? Thanks Ray
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    where to finda trailer for Capri 14.2

    Thanks guy, I'll chick these out. Chris, it looks like a real good deal, are you using it in fresh or salt, you think it will hold up in salt water. Thanks, Ray
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    where to finda trailer for Capri 14.2

    Hi, I found a used Capri 14.2, but it has no trailer. Any suggestions on where to find a good trailer for it. Thanks, Ray
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    storing the boat on the water / slip ok?

    thanks Greg: THis one has new botom paint on it, so sounds like that should not be a problem
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    storing the boat on the water / slip ok?

    I am thinking of buying a 14.2 that been kept in the water/ slip. Are there any issues that come from storing it on the water VS. dry dock? Thanks