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    Explain Please!!!

    I'm bad with knots so I took the traveler line, found the middle and tied a small simple loop in it (just big enough to slip the end of the main sheet thru), pass the main sheet end thru the traveler loop and tie a figure 8 in the main sheet so it can't slip thru the loop in the traveler. Done...
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    I'd like to edit my for sale ad. How? thx Richard Edit..never mind. found it!

    I'd like to edit my for sale ad. How? thx Richard Edit..never mind. found it!
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    how to fill the mast with foam

    Congrats drm901, I'm done responding to sailors on this board. Its been a good time until now trying to help other C14.2 sailors and just be part of a good community. So now you can answer the questions on how to sail the boat higher and faster. Why try to help if some six sigma guy is just...
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    New owner

    That line holds the hiking staps off the deck so its easy to slip your feet under them so you can hike the boat flat.
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    Are you coming to San Diego?

    Who's coming to San Diego to sail the NAs. The wind was perfect yesterday at 13-18 knots, clear and sunny. Nice fleet of 14.2 s out having good fun and hard racing, even a couple of protests in fleet...WOW! Make your plans to get here to race. Good people, good venue, good RC and lots to do and...
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    Floatation Question

    I wouldn't use the foam as it may actually pick up water and hold it making the boat heavier. Plastic water containers sound much better and invest in a good cuddy hatch that latches closed when you are sailing so you can just keep the water out from below decks.
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    Having fun but with a few questions

    On flat water 18-20 knots of breeze is about it for me to be able to safely tack the boat upwind, but I don't have a reef. Jib stays in, play the main sheet. With 2-3 foot waves, it would be tough to race in 17 knots up. I go in when its not fun anymore and capsizing almost happens on every tack.
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    Whisker Pole Height

    Whisker pole is a great item. Going downwind the boat can sail faster and deeper with the whisker in use. If you're racing it is a must for going downwind..
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    Sail Raising Sequence

    Hoist the main first as it takes less wear and tear vs the jib that is luffing into the mast and the shrouds.
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    Fixed keel vs. centerboard?

    Get a C14.2 with a centerboard. It will be more fun to sail as it will be quicker, more responsive, very easy to trailer and lanch. If you want to beach the boat to take a lunch break, lift the board and kick up the rudder, same if you run a ground. I also think the resale of a centerboard...
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    Stupid novice question: fouled centerboard

    From inside the boat look down into the centerboard well. If the gasket is up in the well, use a long paint strirring stick or wood yard stick and try to push the gasket back out the bottom of the boat one side at time. Plan b. Remove the center board by 1st releasing the shackle that is...
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    Stupid novice question: fouled centerboard

    How old is the boat. It may be the weed, or it may need a new centerboard gasket. When those go bad , good luck getting the board up or down.:eek:
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    sliding sideways

    I do sit in forward of the jib cars in the light stuff and to leeward in the really light stuff to try to get the sails to fall into their natural shape.:)
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    sliding sideways

    Jib and main should be eased off a little, get the boat speed going by reaching a little and then bring the boat up to a pointing mode while maintaining boat speed. If you're over trimmed or under trimmed the boat will not go well. In the light stuff it should point just fine if you can keep the...
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    Mast Step Bolt

    Buy a galvo nut and bolt that fits the mast and mast step. The loads are not big and it will work as long as you want even though it will rust at some point.
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    Where are all the racers???????

    Lidos are great little boats that the 14.2 sails pretty straight up against. Both boats have their strengths on the water. Are you going to be against racing Lidos?
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    How stable is this thing?

    Never Jibe above 15 in a dinghy? If going downwind it could be hard to get where I want to go without a jibe or a few. Now reach to reach, tacking in heavy air is better, I'll agree there.:D
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    How stable is this thing?

    I sailed my C14.2 for several years down in San Diego. Never capsized but have come close once or twice. They don't capsize any more or any less than any other dinghy but many sailing the boat seem to be newer to sailing so maybe that is the issue.
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    Sailing the Capri with the hatch open?

    Do not sail th C14.2 mod 1 with an open hatch. If you capsize the forepeek might fill with water , the boat will float as it has positive floatation under the seats. It would be much harder to rescue the boat with all that water under the decks. The drain plug at the back of the boat is for...
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    help! thievery! i can't sail!

    Capri 14.2 transmount gudgeons off my 1985 Capri 14.2 mod 1. $8.00 for the pair plus shipping from 92128. Richard