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  1. Whitecap

    War breaks out in Texas

    Three weeks ago, over 200 flying terrorists moved into my boat house. They then took to aerial bombing my Switzerland-like little Sunfish. Here is what it looked like on day one of their offensive. From my view. Next pic is the carnage they deployed from their view: Since these evil do’ers...
  2. Whitecap


    Found a fun, easy, and FREE app called Strava. Allows you to track time, distance, and speed. At the end it also posts your track and speed on google maps. (Now I’m going for personal speed records in my Sunfish, as I skip off the surface of the lake, riding on the plane.). Fun stuff...
  3. Whitecap

    20 Gusting to 30!

    All, So I'm a Texan; and its 90 degrees here on the first day of spring. It is very routine to get big puffs and 20 degree wind shifts with little notice here. (Im a military/airline pilot by trade and live close to the old base I used to fly out of). Now that it's Spring, the winds will be...
  4. Whitecap

    Dallas Craigslist Sunfish & parts sale

    I received an alert from Craigslist today. For those Sunfish fans that live near Dallas, Texas there appears to be a boat club of some kind that is getting rid of all their Sunfish, sails, and parts. Looks like they need to get rid of everything by this Sunday. Here is the link: SUNFISH...
  5. Whitecap

    Sheet Line?

    At APS, there is a sale on main sheet line. My 1968 sunfish has a very old main sheet line that is practically flat, and was going to order a new sheet line. My initial research (which may be incorrect, because I am quite new at sailing) shows four main sheet front runners. THEY ARE: Marlow...
  6. Whitecap

    Starting at the BEGINNING

    Hey folks, First, let me introduce myself and say thank you, to all that have contributed so much to this site. It is truly a treasure trove of knowledge here - THANK YOU! My name is Whitecap, and I live on a lake near Fort Worth Texas. For the past few months I have been reading as much...