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  1. J

    Anyone like big old ships?

    Well I do. I've moved into my new house out in the country side and found out that recent storms have uncovered a lot of shipwrecks in the area. The wrecks are very visible while snorkelling and things like the frameworks and masts are almost intact, which is very impressive for ships that are...
  2. J

    I've turned to the dark side

    Well i haven't posted here for quite a few months now. The reason why you ask? Well I have turned to the dark side, and betrayed you all. I never thought i'd say this, but i'm now a cat sailor. Yes I know, why oh why would I lower myself to sailing a catamaran. Well i've accepted an...
  3. J

    Lake Racing

    Well I attended a regatta on the Hazelwood pondage today, which is a man made lake. The lake was built to collect water for cooling the generators of a main powerplant in Melbourne. This is my first experience of lake sailing, and one of my first races in a large Laset fleet. 23 Lasers competed...
  4. J

    Backwards Capsize

    When I first started laser sailing about a year ago I would capsize backwards(to winward) quite often on a run, or while jybing. I thought I had all of that under control until last weekend when it was blowing about 20 knots onshore with big rolling waves. After the race was abandoned and I...