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    Special Edition Lasers

    Would having a wrap be legal for racing, no matter what the graphic or who produced the wrap? Seems like a significant advantage do to the frictionless properties. For that matter, does any sailboat racing sanctioning body (J's, 470, C-14, etc) have a rule against using a vinyl wrap? I also...
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    Question Best Ice Chest/companion way step.

    I have not purchased one yet:(, but strongly leaning towards any roto-molded chest that fits the 25.25" wide X 14.5"deep space. Take your pic from any of the gazillion types on the market. Anything that fits would be a great improvement (sturdy, excellent insulation, etc) than what $10 piece...
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    Identify old Laser?

    Pictures of all of your numbered findings would be helpful.
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    Question Sailing New London CT: will it kill me?

    Seems like these young sailors are giving it a go...might only be for 2 weekends out of the year (weather :p), but possible.
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    Question Sailing New London CT: will it kill me?

    I would assume the Thames Yacht Club would be a good place to ask, looks from Google to have a sandy beach which would be a great place to launch, and have lunch! Please post how it goes, always have been interested in a house on (near) the Thames, jealous!:)
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    Question Best Ice Chest/companion way step.

    Wow nano, that look CAAAAALLLEEEEEEENN! Awesome set-up, thank you for the pics! Dare anyone on this forum to beat that! Post your pics.
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    Question Best Ice Chest/companion way step.

    Finally, a reply! Thank you very much for the insight nano, I will check that brand/model out. What do you use for the "step/dry box" then if the ice chest sits behind? Didn't all new 24's come with an ice chest/step with a glued on teak looking step?
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    Question  Best Ice Chest/companion way step.

    What is the best Ice Chest/companion way step out there? Anyone use a Yeti (Rotoscoped-molded) style chest? If so, what size? Researching for the best fit, and it looks like the Grizzly 40 would work well. Let me know what you all are using. If you are like me, the one that came with the boat...
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    How much does a single axle J/24 trailer weigh empty?

    My J/24 DHL Enterprises, dual axel trailer weighs 1250 pounds.
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    New old laser 1 project!

    What is the end game with this project? So your Dad or you can go sailing? To Sell? I personally believe that everyone has to figure things out for themselves, and I am the first one to say "you should try it" or "try to fix it first" even if you have never done so. However, some boats take more...
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    Newb to lasers - Mast step repair confirmation

    I think I would fix the mast step first to make sure that water is not leaking out. That would make me feel more at ease that water was no going through the boat and into other layers that you don't see. The repair of the step from the inside looks very good, but I would try to see, from the...
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    "Tennis Elbow" (Lateral Epicondylitis) - anyone use a brace with success?

    Tennis elbow braces are a hit or miss, depending on the thickness of the band that is appealing the pressure to the tendon. Think of it like a reed on a guitar which changes the pitch of the string. Some have pillows or gel pad, some are like a rope. Keep the packaging and receipt in case it...
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    Simple repair question...

    No need for any type of anchor or fitting if you use 4200 or 5200 to seal the screw into the deck. The plastic that is exposed on the deck would most likely fall apart due to elements exposure. I would chalk up the recent failure due to being 50 years old. Moving it forward or aft a little bit...
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    mast step rebuild

    Wow, okay! Yes, your assumption is probably the reason, smaller internal tube if you repaired the catastrophic piece, especially on the inside. Unless you have not sanded very well or more to increase the internal diameter of the mast step, not sure how to improve your situation without saying...
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    What screws to use for attaching inspection port?

    Since you have an opening to easily attach a washer/nut, I always feel more secure knowing that there is a nut/locknut or something on the end to prevent stripping or pulling out. Machine screw/SS with washers is a very good option. You can even go overboard (pun intended :D) and add a piece of...
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    mast step rebuild

    Did you make the repair inside of the step where the mast would go; OR, the traditional way through an inspection port and reinforced what would be the outside of the step and inside the boat? It also depends on where the friction is occurring in the step with the mast. Did you replace the...
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    Laser mast step possible leak

    Roughly $615 USD for a boat that looks that good!!! That is quite the deal to pass up, imo. I would think that you could resell it after a year or two of sailing for the same price, and without fixing the step, and you would have had fun sailing in the meantime. If the water in the hull does...
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    How to install screw holes for bullseye fairlead?...

    Should be the same type, size and thread as the cleat (Figure 5). You can unscrew one of those and take it to a hardware store to find similar one. Should be stainless steel. The one you take out of the cleat, make sure to use 4200/5200 when you replace it. :D
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    How to install screw holes for bullseye fairlead?...

    Speaking about just the bullseye fairlead, it appears that you should drill (tap) where you want to place it, using a small bit to drill to see if wood actually comes out, which means that there is a wood support (ridge/spine) under the deck, since there is no port opening to look or feel from...
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    What do you use to hold sheet ratchet?

    Do you have a picture?