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    Olympic Builder

    Hi All! Does anyone know who will be building the olympic ILCAs now that there is a choice!? Could be interesting.... Thanks!
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    ILCA Sail or Replica Sail

    Hi, I'm looking at getting a new sail but the class legal ILCA sail for the standard is £550 and some replicas are as low as £200! Does anyone know if there is any performance difference between the genuine ILCA sails and the replicas? Also, who does the best replica? I would pay the extra...
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    Composite Upper

    Hi all, Just wondered what the general consensus is about the carbon mast and whether it is lighter/faster than the old version? Any thoughts before i splash some cash? Cheers!
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    Laser Road Base UK

    thank you Riv
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    Laser Road Base UK

    A bit harsh isn't it!? I was asking a perfectly innocent question so there's no need to fire up at me.
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    Laser Cockpit Autobailer "Not class legal for racing" . . . What?

    Lali I think you need to relax. It's more about getting numbers on the water than getting giddy over whether their gear is not quite acceptable or not. Personally all my gear is legal but I don't get upset with anyone who's gear isn't. Maybe they can't afford to pay double for everything after all.
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    Laser Road Base UK

    nobody likes a smart arse
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    “Practice” sails, blades etc.

    Of course it does Lali. Most clubs in UK just accept the 'practice' sails for racing because it is more important to have more numbers on the water rather than tell people to stay at home because they are fake laser sailors lolz.
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    Laser Road Base UK

    Thanks but what about for a new one?
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    Laser Road Base UK

    Hi, I'm struggling to find a new road base in the UK. Preferably not the wide one (as they are just too wide). Does anyone have any links as I'm struggling to find anything? Thanks,
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    Increasing skills through Deliberate Practice

    All looks great. I will definitely sign up when the downwind series is live.
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    ISA Online Course UPWIND SPEED: MEDIUM Now Live!

    Are you looking to do a downwind series as well?
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    ISA Online Course UPWIND SPEED: MEDIUM Now Live!

    They look great but I just can't afford $300 :(
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    Moth or Musto Skiff

    Hi all, I have a laser but i'm looking to get one of the above as well. I will keep the laser for sure! Just wondered is anyone knows what is the easier boat to get to grips with. Taking money out of it completely here.....Laser sailors seems to transition reasonably well into moths but I...
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    2008 Olympic Medal Races

    Hi, Does anyone know where the medal races for 2008 are online? The Finn race was excellent to watch but I can't see it anywhere. Laser race was pretty light from memory. Cheers
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    Sailing with a hernia

    Hi all, I'm chuffed there's a thread on this! I've just been diagnosed with an inguinal hernia but am now waiting 4 weeks before seeing the specialist. The GP reckons i'm fine to crack on as I am (unless it hurts) but it's difficult to convey how much stress a breezy sail can cause when hiking...
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    Old v new upper Mast

    Hi all, What are the advantages of the new mast? Presumably it doesn't bend as easily but is it any faster? Cheers
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    Ideal Weight

    Hi all, Do you think the ideal weight has moved up with the new Mark 2 sail? I've heard some people say you need to be heavier than the standard go to weight of 80kg. Thoughts?
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    Best way to put on sail numbers?

    ouch yes! I would throw it out as this would make you sail like a slug
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    Mark II Summary

    I've sailed this for a while now and my conclusions are: Below 8 knots: it is slower than Mark I 8-12 knots: it is the same as mark I 12 knots +: it is faster that mark I Keeping it simple that's where I think it pitches but would love any other feedback....