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    For Sale J24 sails for sale

    I do but I’ll better get new ones this weekend. I’m in Boca Raton.
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    For Sale J24 sails for sale

    Hello, this one is sold, but 2019 is available. We tried both of them last year, they are totally equal. Some of my crew members believe that 2019 genny saved better shape. We took it after World in Miami which was in October 2019 and started to use it in 2020. In 2021 we purchased new genny, so...
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    For Sale J24 sails for sale

    Hello, you can take it for $1750. Today, it is less than 1/3 of new set.
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    For Sale J24 sails for sale

    4862. It is pretty successful set. It won many local races, including Florida State Championship. Also, if someone wants to see the shape of sails you’re welcome to watch resent videos on my YouTube channel @AlexandrBirukoff. This site does not allow links:(
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    Expired  J24 standing rigging complete set

    J24 STANDING RIGGING SET. $1000 Set of 4 shrouds, forestay, backstay with bridle. Never used.
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    For Sale  J24 sails for sale

    J24 All North Sails for sale: 2019 Main - $1000 2019 Genoa - $800 2021 Genoa - $1000 SOLD 2019 Spin white - $1200 Practice Genoa - $500 Practice Spin white /blue- $500