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    Trailer tire pressure?

    I run my 4.8 x 12 'B' trailer tires (780 lb max load @ 60 psi) at 40 lbs. pressure since the boat + trailer weight is probably only 600 lbs. On my tent trailer I keep the 4.8 x 12 'C' trailer tires (990 lb max load @ 90 psi) at 90 psi since the loaded trailer is about 1800 lbs.
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    Is this a problem?

    My trailer (original with my Mod 1)is set up similar to Altoona's, with the front pad about 16inches back from the bow. If the boat has been stored with the bow low it's likely rain water collected in the front of the cockpit and leaked past the cuddy compartment seal.
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    Getting knocked down question.

    I second the transom ladder - after I acidentially went over my adult daughter wasn't able to climb over the transon, and I had quite a bit of trouble (coincidentially I'm also 49). We were in the process of coming back to the ramp anyway so she just had me tow her in. I added a 5 qt plastic...
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    Prevent turtling with a sail float sleeve

    I went with the decorative '5 qt yellow plastic pennzoil jug' tied to an eyebolt that replaces the axle bolt at the top of the mast. And it worked quite nicely at 2:00 this afternnon when I accidentially jibed the boat and over we went.
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    Capri 14.2 hull decal

    How did you install it? Looks like bolts near the centerline and lag screws to the outside would work. With my wife's partial disability a ladder would be a good investment. (I've been out a few days sick). Mark
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    Capri 14.2 hull decal

    What ladder is pictured on the stern?
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    Oops - over she goes....

    I replaced the axle bolt for the pulley at the top of the mast with an eye bolt, to which I tied an empty 5 quart pennzoil jug (the pulley wheel runs on the unthreaded protion of the eye bolt). Testing it in shallow water the mast came right back up every time I pushed it under.
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    Tipping Over and Taking In Water

    Thats a question I've asked myself - why mess around when I can just install the baby bob. I'm interested in mast floats as 1. a new sailor (starting late at age 48), 2. sailing where ' the winds come sweeping cross the plains', 3. with wife/crew/passenger who has limited mobility, 4. with a...
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    Tipping Over and Taking In Water

    I noticed on a Vago forum that someone had installed an eye on their mast and was using a plaastic dock fender as a mast float - although recently I saw a Coronado 15 with a antifreeze jug tied to the nmast top as a float. West Marine sells a light weight inflatable fender that might make a good...