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  1. viktor188924

    School clew attachment project, Please take my Survey.

    :D took the survey. how many posts you got so far?
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    Which Mainsheet Block?? Orbit? Carbo?

    THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME! Now I use the block that came with my boat. The Ronstan block was AMAZING while it worked but seriously guys if it happened to both of us there must be something wrong with the block. I have used mine for 700-900 hours. The day before a regatta when i was out...
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    Does anyone use a surf strap

    try not capsizing. i just have to ask... WHY
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    Carbon or Aluminium?

    carbon works because its stiff and IS noticeably lighter. because of the rigidity, you feel every little movement
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    Wet sanding, cleaning or both?

    When I wetsand, I use less fine paper first on the spots with more serious scrapes that are in direct contact with the water. Then i just go over the entire boat with extremely fine grit. It's important to sand it back and forth in the same direction the water flows across it. Same goes for the...
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    Lasers w/canting dagger boards????

    just rightclick the red x and select "view image in new window"
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    Wind indicators-good or bad?

    I really like the Davis Black Max wind indicator and I clip it at the front of the mast on the opposite side of the boom. Theyre helpful pieces of equipment, but its easy to lose them. Due to losing so many of them i started twisting the metal bar that the indicator sits on so as to make a loop...
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    Windward Heel and Lightwind Sailing

    On the rooster upwind dvd steve cockrill goes on a great deal about how it can be really beneficial to sail with some windward heel in lightwind. He said that what you do is head down, heel to windward, and push the tiller away from you, without pinching too much. Apparently, the pushing...
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    Which Mainsheet Block?? Orbit? Carbo?

    I bought the orbit after all and it works really well for me. The switch on the thing really isnt that complicated and I might consider making an adjustment on the water during a race. It's a little harder when you just use one hand but its alright. I like how, with the stand up boot it sits...
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    What am I doing wrong?

    Kind of late to answer, but I'll give it a shot? I agree with your conclusion that it was a combination of a lot of things. If you have a long beat in any kind of moderate wind like that then you will need to depower a lot. However, you need to keep your outhaul kind of loose to get over those...
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    Tiller Pin

    I don't use it. No pin 4 me
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    Trailer and cover question

    I always strap my laser to the top of the car upside-down. However, on my old boat i think i hurt the gunwale by making the strap too tight. the strap would try to squeeze the gunwales against the hull. Not good.
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    I use the new black rooster mainsheet, and it works really well. I also do what soroz does and tie the end of the mainsheet to the back of my hiking strap. Before you start hiking after a tack or something, just kick the line over the other side of the hiking strap and away from under your feet...
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    sounds like what a whale would sound like..

    i believe it. when sanding my boards i try to get them nice and square
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    sounds like what a whale would sound like..

    ..... Is your daggerboard warped? check it. The humming could be a disturbed flow across it. It usually is. On normal daggerboards and rudders, the humming starts while reaching in wind of 20 kts. It´s either warping of the blades or you´re just really damn fast.
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    dolly when car-topping?

    what my family does is strap the laser to the top of the car without a dolly.I'd be afraid to strap on the laser with the dolly for fear that it would not be tight enough, i don't know. I use those straps that get the beast really on there, and a set of padded roofracks that tighten over the...
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    Ross for NA VP

    how about this: the direct link is i might have to change it because the "y" in "early" was cut off. what do you think????
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    How do you gauge your speed

    My dad uses that for biking, running etc. Great idea! It lacks a VMG sensor, but whatever. It costs about $70 US as opposed to $200-$600 for the velociteks. If you get a data recorder add-on you can surely mark, if you're going around a practice course, where each mark is and you can see how...
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    Which Mainsheet Block?? Orbit? Carbo?

    ROFLOL yeah its got auto and manual! Let us know how that auto works out for yah